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Since 2004, the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM has been scoring over 30 World Cup wins as well as Olympic gold and silver medals. Their impressive list of success also includes ten World and eleven European Championship titles (respectively), several 2nd ranks and bronze medals. But MERIDA’s professional riders do not only support our company’s reputation by stellar performance – at the same time, they fulfil another very important role as test pilots.

The top athletes of MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM are always provided with the latest equipment for testing it up to the edge of capacity during training. In return, they provide us with tons of practical input regarding handling, details and safety. When our MULTIVAN riders finally absolve competitions in the saddle of brand-new MERIDA bikes, they can rely on completely optimized configurations. This guarantees that achieved stiffness and effectively superior handling qualify our products for the most challenging situations.

In consequence, MERIDA users always benefit directly from our sportive dedication and success. Our main objective is to meet riders’ individual demands in the best possible way for complete customer satisfaction. That’s why the dream job of MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM members represents all-out commitment on each and every level.


The Multivan stands for limitless leisure and sport mobility. The large capacity limousine is a practical and indispensable transporter for people who love trend sports such as cycling and surfing. With its flexible inner space concept the Multivan provides enough room for all the bicycle racing equipment anyone could need.

«Merida is the ideal partner for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Both produce high-quality products and are among the world's most successful teams in their branch of industry», according to Stephan Schaller, brand board speaker for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles.



Gunn-Rita Dahle-Flesjå

Het afgelopen seizoen toonde de terugkeer van Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå in het winnaarscircuit van het Olympisch Cross Country formaat... Lees meer

José Antonio Hermida

José Hermida uit Spanje starte het afgelopen seizoen met een klinkende overwinning in de Andalucia Bike Race... Lees meer

Rudi van Houts

Twee hoogtepunten van het seizoen van Rudi van Houts was de deelneming aan de Olympische spelen in Londen en... Lees meer


Thomas Litscher

Eind 2012, stond Thomas Litscher op de 39e plaats in de UCI wereldranglijst. Maar dit weerspiegelt niet de echte krachte van de Wereldkampioen Cross Country under 23 van 2011 ... Lees meer

Ondrej Cink

Ondrej Cink was in augustus de jongste starter in de wegwedstrijd van de Olypische spelen in Londen met een leeftijd van 21 jaar. En de Tjechische coureur liet een moedige race zien ... Lees meer

Julian Schelb

It takes a special kind of athlete to win a silver medal at under23 World championships at the age of 20. Apart from stupendous bike handling skills, one of Julian Schelb’s... Lees meer


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