15 Jan 2020

Mountain Biking Australia - Merida Launches Special Aluminium Edition For eONE-SIXTY and eONE-FORTY

Dominic Unwin from Mountain Biking Australia was as excited as the rest of us for the launch of the all-new eONE-FORTY LIMITED EDITION & eONE-SIXTY LIMITED EDITION models. Here's what he had to say:

Merida have announced a late Christmas present for riders with Limited Editions of the eONE Sixty and eONE Forty. 

The Limited Editions are made from full aluminium and bring the complete range for each model to five, offering customers a broad choice. 

The eONE Sixty was changed to a carbon model in May 2019 but due to popular demand, Merida decided to produce an all-aluminium option. 


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Check out the all-new eONE-FORTY LIMITED EDITION here >>

Check out the all-new eONE-SIXTY LIMITED EDITION here >>