With the new generation SPEEDER, not only did we improve the design but also updated the geometry and enlarged the possible tyre width, in order to make it more versatile and applicable to a multitude of purposes. The former SPEEDER bike was seen as a bike for commuting and leisure riding, while the updated version has become geometry-wise more sportive but still offers the possibility to mount fenders and carrier for commuting or light touring. From the design language, the SPEEDER cannot and will not deny its SCULTURA influenced family origin anymore. Clearly, the more sportive orientated SPEEDER is dedicated to being the link between the MERIDA road and the MERIDA CROSSWAY bikes.   


The SPEEDER is a great option for those cyclists who like road cycling but do not want to ride a pure road bike with drop bars and like the reliable and easy to modulate stopping power of MTB leaver style actuated hydraulic disc brakes. The bike offers the option to mount fenders and carrier, giving this speedster real day-to-day usability as a fast commuter or even touring bike.  


Geometry update

With the updated geometry, the SPEEDER has become more sporty. By increasing the length of the top tube, we have achieved a slightly longer reach, which offers the rider a more sportive riding position while still being on the comfortable side. Furthermore, this geometry change leads to a longer wheelbase, which has a positive effect on directional stability and in combination with the slightly slacker head tube angle, improves the riding stability at speed. 

Optimised tyre clearance

The general trend towards increasing tyre width mustn’t stop when it comes to fitness bikes. Even today's modern road bikes come with tyre clearance of up to 30mm. The benefits are obvious. Wider tyres provide more comfort while at the same time offering more grip (and therefore safety) and improved puncture protection. The new SPEEDER comes with 32mm road tyres, with the option to use fenders, or even go up to 37mm wide tyres without. 

MERIDA Carbon Fork

Carbon forks have become the standard in the road bike sector, as well as for lightweight fitness bikes. Besides the weight reduction compared to aluminium forks, carbon forks are optimised in terms of stiffness and flexibility, which improves handling in every riding situation. With the tapered fork steerer tube, where the diameter changes from 1 ⅛” at the top to 1 ½” the bottom (crown), the transmission of forces towards the down tube is optimised, which ensures precise steering and improved riding stability. 

Disc brakes

Disc brakes are the most reliable brake system for everyday life. The required level of braking can be modulated perfectly, regardless of the weather condition. Furthermore, modern disc brakes are practically maintenance-free. 

Maxxis Detonator tyres

The Maxxis Detonator in 700x32C is a sporty, lightweight tyre offering solid grip in wet and dry conditions and good rolling resistance. Compared to normal road bike tyres, due to the bigger volume, they provide more comfort and guarantee better puncture protection. A perfect tyre for sportive or day-to-day riding on tarmac roads.

Internal cable routing

Cables are routed through the frame to keep the look of the bike neat and uncluttered, also protecting the cables from moisture and dirt. 


Category wise, the SPEEDER is the link between the SCULTURA/MISSION CX and the CROSSWAY/CROSSWAY URBAN. No wonder, that the SPEEDER has elements from both camps. The head and top tube come from the SCULTURA, which give the bike a more sportive look, while the dropouts originate from the MISSION CX SE. The rear brake calliper has moved from the top of the seat stay to the chainstay and the rear brake cable has moved away from the downside of the top tube and is now routed through the down tube. This gives the bike a much cleaner look and in case you have to carry your bike, there is no annoying brake cable below the top tube anymore. The seat tube diameter increased to 30.9mm which has become the standard for most cross bikes and MTBs in the last few years.