Urban mobility for most cyclists doesn't end at the city limits and leaving the urban jungle to reach further afield locations has become even more accessible with e-bikes. So nowadays bikes have to be versatile and real all-rounders. That's the reason why we have combined the best features of two different bike categories, city bikes and off-road bikes in our new eSPRESSO TK for those who wish to take advantage of a comfortable city low step-in bikes but do not want to miss the robustness, power and freedom that an off-road bike offers.

The modern design in combination with its purposeful and hugely comfortable geometry, as well as the seamless integration of the whole spectrum of Shimano’s powerful STePS motors, sets the eSPRESSO TK apart from other city e-bikes.

A centrally positioned low centre of gravity, which has been achieved through the positioning of the battery in the lower position of the downtube as well as the location of the Shimano mid-mounted motors (E8000/E7000/E6100), combined with an extremely strong and stiff frame, enables the eSPRESSO TK  to deliver fantastic riding characteristics in any situation. Mounting and dismounting the eSPRESSO TK is very easy due to its extremely low step-through height.


By now a Wave low step-through frame is one of the classics among the unisex bikes. No other bike offers a more relaxed mount and dismount, which provides huge advantages for both genders and all age groups. Low step-through frames can be used as inner-city bikes as well as commuters or even bike tourism companions. The eSPRESSO TK cover a vast area of usage including city, trekking, light off-road, commuting, bike touring and days out. 


Shimano Motors

Maximum riding fun at any performance level was the key focus in the design and concept of the Shimano STePS systems. The motors are optimised with regards to intuitive handling and despite their impressive performance, deliver the most natural and organic riding experience. The latest versions have seen additional updates of the firmware to match their intended field of application even more. The motor almost immediately responds to any pressure being applied through the pedals which hugely contributes to the intuitive handling and the agility of the system. An equally important feature of the motor is that it also withdraws any assistance at once when pedal pressure is reduced. Based on the compact size of the system it can be perfectly integrated into the overall frame design.

Low step-through

The Shimano mid-mounted motor in combination with the forged motor bracket provides the eSPRESSO TK  with a very low step-through height.

Excellent frame stiffness

The outstanding frame stiffness also has a strong influence on the riding characteristics of Wave low step-through frames. The tapered head tube, the large tube diameters as well as the forged motor bracket all contribute to achieving a safe and precise riding experience.

27.5" Wheels with big volume tyres

The decision to use 27.5" wheels with 2.2" city tread pattern tyres for the TK models . To add big volume tyres on an e-bike provides increased comfort but also extra traction and therefore more safety reserves. Small and even bigger bumps can easily be rolled over and a big volume tyre provides more puncture protection compared to a narrow one. 

Certified system weight

The system weight of a bike is the combination of bike, rider and additional luggage. The allowed system weight for the eSPRESSO TK is 140kg. As an e-bike is already heavier than a regular bike and also makes it easier to transport larger amounts of luggage, it is imperative to certify a higher overall system weight. All MERIDA e-bikes, as well as all used componentry, go through a rigorous and e-bike specific testing schedule which mimics the higher forces and strains to guarantee the rider the highest level of safety. 

Water bottle

The eSPRESSO CC offer the possibility to fit an easy to reach water bottle on the upper end of the main tube. This is consistent throughout the various frame sizes and allows the rider to reach the bottle with ease while riding. 

MERIDA EXPERT TK suspension post

Comfort is hugely important in the city and trekking range. Our in-house suspension post, the MERIDA EXPERT TK, offers 40mm of travel and helps to smooth out any surface, helping to ease the pressure on the lower back as well increase the general riding comfort.


Our in-house components are designed and constructed with the demands of the individual bike type in mind. The MERIDA EXPERT CT and MERIDA EXPERT TK stems are fully adjustable, allowing the rider to find the ideal angle for the perfect seating position. Furthermore, they surpasses all MERIDA e-bike specific tests which are more demanding than the legal requirements. All components are tested and certified for a system weight of up to 140kg.

Racktime E-Trekking rear rack

In conjunction with market leader Racktime, we have developed the Racktime E-Trekking rear rack, which is not just hugely practical but fits into the overall design of the eSPRESSO TK perfectly. The attachment of a basket or bags onto the Racktime carrier is super straightforward via its ‘click in’ interfaces.