The eOne-Forty is a completely new model to our eBike line-up. The lower front and the steeper seat angle make the eOne-Forty great at climbing, but show it some technical downhills and singletracks and it comes alive. The new geometry and frame design give the bike a very playful character, that's precise and fast. The non-motorised One-Forty inspired the handling and playfulness of the eOne-Forty and the hugely capable Shimano motor blasts up those demanding climbs.



Geometry, travel and specification make this bike perfect for trail and long distance rides. The eOne-Forty is a hugely capable and enjoyable ‘SUV’ style bike. A comfortable, upright riding position gives the eOne-Forty a lot of confidence and offers a real alternative to a ‘normal’ mountain bike. Taking a 2nd battery along for the ride will only add to the adventures.


Battery Cover

The precision engineered battery cover took twice as long to develop as the ebike itself!

Offering protection for the battery, the softer outer layer reduces noise, perfectly sealing the downtube and absorbing hits from stones whilst the harder inner layer ensures helps maintain its structural shape.

Crucial parts such as the rubber strap and o-rings can be replaced.


Thermo Gate

The Thermo Gate enables the battery to perform at its best, in any condition.

Carefully designed openings near the head tube work like a chimney, allowing warm air to dissipate,  guaranteeing the optimum operating temperature for the internal battery.

Merida Expert TR Axle

Through axle with removable axle lever. When inserted into the axle, the lever enables easy loosening and tightening. Once removed, it works as a 4 mm Alley key, perfect for tightening, the seat clamp or the stem bolt or removing the battery or activating the 'wake up button'. 

Shimano Motors

Performance was the key focus for the Shimano STePS systems. The latest versions have seen additional updates of the firmware to match the motors capabilities. The immediate response to pressure contributes to the intuitive handling and the agility of the system. The compact size of the system perfectly integrates into the overall frame design.

Shimano Battery

Powerful internal lithium-ion battery that offers 504 Wh, charges up from 0-100% in 5 hours (when EC-E6000 charger is used) and retains at least 60% of its original battery capacity after 1,000 charging cycles.

The aluminium cased battery is extremely compact allowing us to seamlessly integrate it into the downtube for ample space for the rear shock with added water bottle fixing points and plenty of top tube clearance.

Its waterproof design is impact and vibration resistant.

Merida Expert eTR Cockpit

The Expert eTR cockpit offers internal cable routing through the handlebar and stem for a clean, organised look. 


Merida Expert TR Dropper Seat Post

The dropper seat post allows the rider to get the saddle out of the way when the gradient gets steeper, offering more space to manoeuvre and greater control over the bike.

Our 150 mm post fits perfectly into the seat tube of an M size frame; the L and XL frame can also accommodate a 170 mm dropper.

As all our e-bike parts, it has been tested and certified for a 140 kg system weight. 

Maxxis DHF 3C EXO TR 29x2.5" / DHR II 27.5x2.6"

The 29x2.5" Maxxis DHF is one of the successful DH tyres from Maxxis. This gets paired with a Maxxis DHR II 27.5x2.6" at the back for maximum traction with agile, playful riding characteristics.  

Shimano Shifter-R and dropper seat post lever

Compact, well-defined assist level shifter that helps to keep the cockpit clean and less cluttered, enabling easy access to the Shimano paddle style dropper seat post lever, fits neatly to the brake lever bracket positioned underneath the handlebars.


The eOne-Forty and eOne-Sixty share the same frame but differ a lot in terms of riding character. The difference between the two bikes is that the shock stroke on the eOne-Forty is shorter. That reduces the rear travel to 133mm instead of 150mm which the eOne-Sixty offers. On top of that, the shorter 140mm travel fork extends the reach of the eOne-Forty in comparison to the eOne-Sixty which is equipped with a 160mm fork. That's the reason why the eOne-Forty has different sizing compared to eOne-Sixty . A frame with a 44cm seat tube length, for example, is a size L in the eOne-Forty, but at the eOne-Sixty , it is a size M. We believe that a bike with less travel should be more agile and playful than one with more travel, and the reach has a significant influence on that.

Compared to the eOne-Sixty, the seat angle at the eOne-Forty is almost one degree steeper and the front is lower because of the shorter travel fork and the shorted head tube. This puts more weight on the front of the bike and gives the eOne-Forty better climbing performance as the front wheel rises later than at the eOne-Sixty. Also, due to the shorted fork, the head angle is almost one degree steeper making the bike feel less wobbly at lower speeds. Again, a positive attribute for uphills.

Another big difference compared to the eOne-Sixty is that the stand over height is lower. The reason for that is the lesser travel, shorter head tube and lower bottom bracket height. Especially for beginners, the lower stand over height gives a lot of confidence. In particular for shorter riders, the eOne-Forty is a perfect match because there are not many brands which can offer such low clearance.

The eOne-Forty is also slightly lighter than the eOne-Sixty. The reason is that the components are less downhill oriented. So, for example, fork, shocks and tyres are lighter, having a further positive effect on the climbing performance.