Aluminium enduro e-bike


The award winning 'original' eOne-Sixty was better received than any other bike in our history, renowned for its innovation, quality and outstanding performance. 2019 saw the launch of the new carbon eOne-Sixty with its integrated battery. The cutting edge design plus our renowned attention to detail, made the eOne-Sixty an immediate hit the world over. Now we bring you the all aluminium version of the popular eOne-Sixty. Staying true to the carbon eOne-Sixty we have kept many of the same features.

The eOne-Sixty is a high-end, state of the art e-bike. Materials, design and battery integration are cutting edge and Merida's usual attention to detail and quality are apparent, hence our lifetime frame warranty (limited to original owner;  rider and equipment weight up to 140kg).

The new eOne Sixty is perfect for e-enduro riding. Its engine will assist you to the top of the hill and it feels like a normal bike when descending the most demanding of trails.  It's very agile and great fun as a result of its perfectly tuned MTB geometry. 

The benefits of greater travel, bigger tyres and comfortable geometry mean it shines beyond enduro tracks, offering a fast, capable alternative to a regular mountain bike.

If a second battery or charging device is carried, it can be used for all day riding or multi-day excursions. 


Smart Entry

Cables, housings and brake hoses are clamped under tension to prevent rattling when the trails get rough. All inlets are completely interchangeable to deal with Di2, hydraulic hoses, brake cable and gear cable housings etc.

Battery Cover

The precision engineered battery cover took twice as long to develop as the ebike itself!

Offering protection for the battery, the softer outer layer reduces noise, perfectly sealing the downtube and absorbing hits from stones whilst the harder inner layer ensures helps maintain its structural shape.

Crucial parts such as the rubber strap and o-rings can be replaced.

Rear Triangle

Both the aluminium and carbon eOne-Sixty share the same rear triangle made from aluminium. It is also one of the strongest rear ends Merida has ever made, and we know that it has fantastic durability and stiffness characteristics.

Dropper Seat Post

The dropper seat post allows the rider to get the saddle out of the way when the gradient gets steeper, offering more space to manoeuvre and greater control over the bike.

Our 150 mm post fits perfectly into the seat tube of an M size frame; the L and XL frame can also accommodate a 170 mm dropper.

As all our e-bike parts, it has been tested and certified for a 140 kg system weight. 

Merida Custom On/Off Switch

The Merida Custom On/Off Switch is located on the lower part of the downtube. Here the switch can be easily reached to turn the system on or off while being out of harm’s way.

Satellite Charging Port & Switch

The on/off switch as well as the battery charger port are positioned for easy accessibility. The on/off switch is set into the top tube just behind the head tube, allowing the rider to activate the system with ease (available on all models except 500 and 300 S). The satellite charging port can be found above the motor at the down tube/seat tube junction, perfectly protected yet super easy to get to. 

Merida Mini Toolbox

Connected to the saddle’s faceplate is the Merida mini toolbox. The included mini tool features 2/2.5/3/8 mm Allen keys, a flathead and Phillips head screwdriver and 10/25/30 Torx keys. Perfect for fixing most issues trailside.

Shimano Battery

Powerful internal lithium-ion battery that offers 630 Wh (except the eONE-SIXTY 300 S model which features the 504 Wh internal battery), charges up from 0-100% in 6 hours (when EC-E8004 charger is used) and retains at least 60% of its original battery capacity after 1,000 charging cycles. The aluminium cased battery is extremely compact, allowing us to seamlessly integrate it into the downtube for ample space for the rear shock, added water bottle fixing points and plenty of top tube clearance. It has a waterproof design and is impact and vibration resistant. 

Chainstay Protector

It was important to us that our eOne-Sixty is as quiet as possible, and that it stays that way even after long term use. Besides the battery cover that reduces noise and protects the battery, we have also put a lot development into the chainstay protector. The dragon inspired protector is much bigger and is covering almost the complete chainstay, helping to reduce noise from a moving chain or trail debris hitting the frame. 

Lezyne Front and USB Rear Lights

The 2021 eOne-Sixty features the new Lezyne Power Pro front and USB rechargeable rear light. The front light attached securely to our stem clamp plate, keeping the light perfectly fixed to the bike without cluttering the cockpit area. It draws its power from the main battery and can be easily operated from the Shimano display unit. The rear light is rechargeable (via a mini USP post), and perfectly capable of withstanding even the wettest of outings. Both lights offer excellent visibility during the day as well as evening and dawn rides.

Hidden Kick-Stand Mounting Points

The new eOne-Sixty frames offer hidden attachment points for a kick-stand underneath the chain stay.


The Expert eTR cockpit offers internal cable routing for the e-system cables through the handlebar and stem for a clean and clutter free look. The new eTRII stem also features secure attachment points for the Lezyne front light via its unique clamping plate. As all our e-bike specific parts, the eTR cockpit is tested for a 140 kg system weight. 



The entire eONE-SIXTY and eONE-FORTY range is powered by the latest EP801 or EP6 motors from Shimano. The EP801 unit delivers a maximum power output of 85 Nm, similar to its predecessor, the EP8, but the peak power of EP801 has increased from 500 W to 600 W, giving the motor more grunt in demanding riding situations. 

The EP6, the latest addition to the Shimano motor line-up, offers the same performance figures as the EP801 (85 Nm) but houses them in an aluminium motor housing rather than the magnesium version of the EP801. The peak power of the EP6 is the same as the outgoing EP8 at 500 W. While the output of the two motors is almost identical, the EP6 is approx. 300 g heavier than the top-of-the-line EP801.

Paired with the high-capacity 630 Wh battery from Shimano or Trendpowers 750 Wh power block, the EP801 and EP6 systems deliver an impressive range, making it easy to cruise for longer or do more runs. 

Further to that, both motors have seen upgrades in connectivity, making the unit more future-proof and ready for the latest shifting technology.



Similarly, to their carbon cousins, the full aluminium eOne-Sixty and eOne-Forty models also share the same frame but differ a lot in terms of riding character. The difference between the two bikes is that the shock stroke on the eOne-Forty is shorter. That reduces the rear travel to 133 mm instead of 150 mm. On top of that, the shorter 140 mm travel fork extends the reach of the eOne-Forty in comparison to the eOne-Sixty which is equipped with a 160 mm fork. That’s the reason why the eOne-Forty has different sizing compared to eOne-Sixty. A frame with a 44 cm seat tube length, for example, is a size L in the eOne-Forty, but at the eOne-Sixty, it is a size M. We believe that a bike with less travel should be more agile and playful than one with more travel, and the reach has a significant influence on that.

Compared to the eOne-Sixty, the seat angle at the eOne-Forty is almost one degree steeper, and the front is lower because of the shorter travel fork and the lower head tube. This puts more weight on the front of the bike and gives the eOne-Forty better climbing performance as the front wheel rises later than at the eOne-Sixty. Also, due to the shorted fork, the head angle is almost one degree steeper making the bike feel less wobbly at lower speeds. Again, a positive attribute for uphills.

Another big difference compared to the eOne-Sixty is that the stand over height is lower. The reason for that is the lesser travel, lower head tube and lower bottom bracket height. Especially for beginners, the lower stand over height gives a lot of confidence. 

So, to summarise, the all-aluminium eOne-Forty is the more climbing and all-day ride focused bike, which is also slightly more agile on twisty tracks. On the other hand, the all-aluminium eOne-Sixty is super capable at speed and on demanding tracks and trails. While still a super capable climber and fun-packed ride, it has a slightly more downhill focused set-up and geometry. The choice is yours.