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The new eSpresso features an integrated battery and wider tyres for a more contemporary look. 

The central positioning of the powerful Shimano STePS motor optimises the bike's centre of gravity whilst the refined geometry adds to the comfort.

The bike looks and - most importantly - rides like a regular bike. It's perfect for either commuting or trekking. 




Satellite Charging Port

Charging in-tube batteries is easy via the neatly integrated charging port. 

Batteries can also be removed for charging or transporting. 

Optimised Centre of Gravity

The central positioning of the battery within the lower part of the down tube and the low location of the Shimano motor optimises the centre of gravity, making the riding experience as close as possible to regular cycling - without the effort!

Shimano Motors

Maximum riding fun at any performance level was the key focus in the design and concept of the Shimano STePS systems. The compact motors are optimised for intuitive handling. Despite their impressive performance, they deliver a natural and organic riding experience.

The latest versions respond almost immediately to pressure applied through the pedals, hugely contributing to the agility of the system.

Equally important, the motor also withdraws any assistance when pedal pressure is reduced. 


Shimano Integrated Batteries

The new compact Shimano BT-E8035 has been optimised for integration in the down tube.

The battery is equipped with the latest technology, making it very durable and the best in its class. Even after 1000 charging cycles it retains 60% of its capacity.

The battery is IPX5 level to protect it from the elements. The aluminium casing is used for better heat transfer and it is stronger than plastic. 

Wider Tyres

Wider tyres have become more or less standard on modern e-Bikes. The advantages are obvious - besides improving comfort, wider tyres help protect against punctures and increase riding stability.

50mm wide Continental Contact Cruiser tyres use ‘Safety System Breaker’ technology featuring Kevlar reinforced, high-strength nylon fabric providing excellent puncture and cut-resistance. They're also light weight and durable, offering good rolling resistance.  

Integrated Kick Stand

Helps protect the bike when not in use.

Water Bottle Mounts

There are a variety of mounting options for water bottles, folding locks or pump brackets. 



Energy Guard

The Merida energy guard is a two-component battery cover, which offers perfect protection for the battery. The softer outer layer reduces noises, seals the downtube perfectly and absorbs the impact of stone chips, whilst the harder inner layer protects the battery from damage and provides structural shape.

Important parts such as the rubber strap and o-rings can be replaced. 

Lifetime Frame Warranty

We test all our bikes to industry standards and beyond.

e-Bikes are no exception; frames are subjected to a rigorous testing schedule that mimics the greater forces and strains generated by the addition of a motor, guaranteeing the rider the highest level of safety.

As technology adds to the weight of the bike, we extend the rider and equipment weight covered by our Lifetime Frame Warranty to 140kg for e-Bikes.

The lifetime frame warranty applies to the original purchaser of the bike.