Our Reacto has always been a class leading aero bike, combining state of the art aerodynamics and comfort.

The 4th generation Reacto is more slippery and beautiful than ever, incorporating wider tyres and much neater cockpit cable integration.

The overall design objective was to improve aerodynamics and comfort.

With its predecessor delivering almost unrivalled aerodynamic performance we had to focus on making small incremental improvements.

A key feature of the Reacto has always been its overall performance. The 2021 goal was not just to make it even more effective aerodynamically, but to make it a faster bike in every situation.

The result: the perfect package of comfort, aerodynamic, lightweight and style.


Disc Cooler

The 2nd generation disc coolers integrated into the frame and fork minimise aerodynamic drag while reducing the risk of the disc brakes overheating on long, demanding descents. The heat is drawn away  through CNC-milled cooling fins, resulting in 35% less heat build-up and faster temperature reduction for stable braking performance.

Tyre Clearance

The new fork and frame allow tyres of up to 30 mm to be fitted, enhancing both comfort and grip.

Cable Integration

Complete cable integration results in a cleaner look and minimises wind exposure, generating a 2 Watts saving

One Piece Handlebar & Stem

Outstanding aerodynamics and weight savings, also offering the rider plenty of control. All cables run through the carbon cockpit for a sleek,  uncluttered look and improved aerodynamics.

Direct Mount

The direct mount gear hanger reduces moving parts at the derailleur end and improves shifting accuracy, speeding up wheel changes.

Seat Post Clamp

A new hidden seat post clamp contributes to the Reacto's clean lines as well as reducing turbulence. 

Integrated Through Axle

New front through-axle reduces turbulence and drag

S-Flex Seatpost

The well-proven S-Flex seat post provides outstanding comfort. Its design offers compliance comparable to a 27.2 mm round carbon post, resulting in class-leading aerodynamics.

Removable Through Axle Lever

12 mm bolt through axles offer greater wheel stiffness and precise disc alignment when replacing wheels. The lever (when inserted into the axle) allows easy loosening and tightening of the axle with its 6 mm Allen key. When removed, it works as a 4 mm Alley key, perfect for tightening  the seat clamp or the stem bolt.


Improving aerodynamics was the main target in the development process of the latest Reato. With its predecessor, the 2018 launched Reacto III, delivering almost unrivalled aerodynamic performance, this was one of the most difficult jobs in the overall development process of the ReactoIV. But being at the sharp end of bicycle development, even the most incremental improvements of certain aspects can deliver real progress when looking at the end result.

For developing the current Reacto, aerodynamic performance was for sure one of the key points. But during the development process, we never lost sight of its overall performance. So the goal was not just to make it even more effective in the fight against the wind, but to increase its overall performance and to make it a faster bike in every situation. Stiffness, lightweight, comfort – these demands don't always go hand in hand with achieving aerodynamic perfection – so the challenge was to find the perfect compromise amongst all these possibilities.

With the 4th generation Reacto, we created a great performing all-rounder – with class-leading aerodynamic performance.