Meet the man behind the racer, husband and father. A unique insight into the life of one of the greatest cyclists of his generation.

Meet Vincenzo Nibali

You rarely get the chance to see one of the greatest cyclists of our generation up close.

Vincenzo Nibali is a fierce competitor when out on the course but a quiet, articulate man once he's passed the finish line.

He's a caring father and husband who loves riding his ebike with his daughter on the back, spending time with friends and family and driving.  

Hard Work Gets You To The Top

You don't become one of the most aggressive climbers and descenders in the world of road cycling without putting in the hours.

Vincenzo is renowned for his dedication and his demanding training schedule.

When not racing or training with the Bahrain Merida Pro Cycling Team, the area around Lugano offers the perfect training environment with demanding climbs, challenging descents and an extensive choice of local training partners.   

Becoming A Husband And Father Changed My Life

Vincenzo married Rachele Perinelli in 2012 and became a father two years later.

Whilst racing remains a key focus in Vincenzo’s life, being a husband and father has given him a different perspective.