shimano system

The Shimano STePS power systems have taken the world of E-bikes by storm, offering smooth and highly effective power delivery while giving the customer the choice to pair the various elements in order to create the perfect E-bike drivetrain. One of the most influential forces in the world of cycling, Shimano has put all their design and engineering power into the STePS line-up and have been delivering unparalleled reliability and tunability (through the e-tube project) while offering the end user a well-established service network in the unlikely case that something goes wrong. We at MERIDA equip all our E-bikes with the STePS system which allows us to find the perfect motor, battery and component mix for each of our power-assisted bikes.





New for 2019 are the various display options. We either pair the motor with a Shimano STePS display or with the EW-EN100 junction box which allows the easy connectivity with a smartphone or third-party display which will show all the details and readings of the battery and motor. This makes for a simple and stylish bike at an attractive price point, perfect for the day-to-day use around town. The most important information like motor support level and battery charge are indicated on the micro LED display.




Compact Bluetooth and ANT Private enabled display that offers all major motor, battery and riding information on one well protected unit. Sitting neatly against the stem, the SC-E8000 shows the assist level not just in writing but also in an easy to spot color code and also has the ability to indicate the chosen gear if linked to a Di2 shifting system.


New display which offers all major functions of the top-level SC-8000 display without the color-coded assist level indicator. Well out of harm’s way, the unit fits neatly on the handlebar and near the stem so that it can be easily read without dominating the cockpit. The unit can connect via Bluetooth and ANT Private to Shimano’s e-tube project app for easy tunability and health checks.


New and easy to operate, three button display with larger, easy to read screen that shows most major functions at the same time. The SC-6100 display is Bluetooth and ANT Private enabled for easy connectivity with Shimano’s e-tube project app for easy tunability and health checks. 


Top level shifter which makes switching between the various assist levels fast, easy and intuitive. Based on the design and functionality of the Di2 shifter, the SW-E8000 shifter offers well-defined clicks and the activation of the pushing aid (Power Walk Mode).


New compact shifter with clearly defined buttons for fast and reliable shifting between the assist modes. Compatible with all Shimano STePS systems.


New and easy to operate shifter with larger buttons for straight forward shifting between the High, Normal, Eco and Off mode. Compatible with all Shimano STePS systems. 


E-bike specific Shimano cranks featuring Hollowtech II technology for the best balance of stiffness, strength, weight and rotating performance. The ultra-lightweight hollow crank arm connects to a hollow axle for a perfect power transfer. We use a variety of different levels of these cranks to match them perfectly to the intended use and general specification package. 






Like all other Shimano STePS parts, the batteries are compatible with all other motor, shifter and display units so that the over-all system can be perfectly tailored to the budget and the intended use. Both batteries are removable for easy transportation and ‘off the bike’ charging.

Powerful lithium-ion battery that offers 504 Wh, charges up from 0-100% in 5 hours (when EC-E6000 charger is used) and has a battery lifetime of 1,000 charging cycles. The battery is of compact design to allow for ample space for the rear shock and plenty of top tube clearance. It has a waterproof design and is impact and vibration resistant. A small LED display shows the charge level.

Compact lithium-ion down tube battery pack offering 418 Wh and an approximate charging time of 4 hours (when charged with EC-E6000 charger). The unit can be charged for 1,000 charge cycles without significant power loss. A small LED display shows the charge level.