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Two victories at Kitzalp bike festival


Two victories at Kitzalp bike festival

The C1 rated cross country race is one of the highlights at the Kitzalp bike festival in Kirchberg/Tyrol. And the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM delivered a fine display of its class: Both Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå and Ondrej Cink won the elite races, and Rudi van Houts doubled up by finishing in 2nd.

The women's race in Kirchberg was as good as decided after the first lap as Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå had built a lead on the starting lap. For the remainder of the race the experienced Norwegian of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM built on that lead lap by lap, not showing even a hint of weakness. As she could fully rely on her MERIDA BIG.NINE hardtail as well, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå rode to a superior win. Finishing in 2nd, local hero Lisi Osl already conceded 1.47 minutes while third-placed Helen Grobert lost 3.21 minutes to a strong Dahle Flesjå.

After some injuries, health issues and a couple of abandoned races, both Ondrej Cink and Rudi van Houts returned to success in Kirchberg. From the very start the two riders of the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM set a fast pace in the men's race. As per the second lap Ondrej Cink started to pull away from Rudi van Houts second by second. The latter had originally planned to compete at the marathon world championships in South Africa on this very weekend, but he was forced to change his plan due to various injuries and health issues.

"Ondrej was too fast for me today, putting five seconds into me every lap. But the field was totally fragmented early on in the race, and I managed to defend my 2nd place riding a steady pace", van Houts looked back at his race. "This sense of achievement is more than welcome after that series of set-backs throughout the first half of the season." Unsurprisingly Ondrej Cink was in high spirits after the double success for the MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM as well: "The course suited me well and I felt great today. This race was part of my build-up for the second half of the season, so I'm all the more happy to win here."

KitzAlp Bike Festival, Kirchberg/Tyrol

Elite Cross Country (C1)


Results men:

1. Ondrej Cink, CZE/MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM, in 1:31.16 hours

2. Rudi van Houts, NED/MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM, + 0.30

3. Michal Lami, SVK, + 0.57


Results women:

1. Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesjå, NOR/MULTIVAN MERIDA BIKING TEAM, in 1:12.57 hours

2. Lisi Osl, AUT, + 1.46

3. Helen Grobert, GER, + 3.20