The eBIG.TOUR EQ which combines the best of two worlds is back in the MERIDA line-up. From the outside a mountain bike, but a trekking bike at heart. Featuring a frame which is based on the eBIG.NINE and a mountain bike fork as well as MTB tyres, the bike provides a more comfortable riding feeling than a trekking bike, but at the same time, comes equipped with fenders, carrier and lights. The bike is the best way to get from A to B or make your trekking tours more enjoyable, but with the added knowledge that you could take the MTB trail as a shortcut if you want. The new eBIG.TOUR EQ features in-tube battery technology and all models are powered by the Shimano STePS system.


The MERIDA eBIG.TOUR EQ is the perfect e-mountain bike hardtail for people who are looking for a trekking bike with all its benefits of a comfortable and upright seating position, fenders as well as lights and carrier, but don’t want to miss out on the comfort and safety a 100mm mountain bike suspension fork and wider 2.2" MTB tyres can offer. The eBIG.TOUR is ideal for relaxed cycling tours, day trips or for commuting in any weather condition.


Shimano Motors

Maximum riding fun at any performance level was the key focus in the design and concept of the Shimano STePS systems. The motors are optimised with regards to intuitive handling and despite their impressive performance, deliver the most natural and organic riding experience. The latest versions have seen additional updates of the firmware to match their intended field of application even more. The motor almost immediately responds to any pressure being applied through the pedals which hugely contributes to the intuitive handling and the agility of the system. An equally important feature of the motor is that it also withdraws any assistance at once when pedal pressure is reduced. Based on the compact size of the system it can be perfectly integrated into the overall frame design.

Shimano battery (integrated)

The new Shimano BT-E8035 (504Wh) has a very compact size design which is optimised for the integrated use in the down tube. The battery is equipped with modern, up-to-date battery cells, which are very durable and long lasting. Even after 1000 charging cycles it still has 60% of the capacity, which is currently the best in its class. The battery is IPX5 level and water projected and can withstand water being projected onto it by a water jet with an up to 6.3mm nozzle. The aluminium casing is used for better heat transfer, and it is stronger than plastic. Furthermore, it has a high-quality appearance. 

Certified system weight

The system weight of a bike is the combined weight of bike, rider and additional luggage. The allowed system weight for the eBIG.TOUR EQ is 140 kg. As an e-bike is already heavier than a regular bike, and as it also makes it easier to transport larger amounts of luggage, it is imperative to certify a higher overall system weight. All MERIDA e-bikes, as well as all used componentry, go through a rigorous and e-bike specific testing schedule which mimics the higher forces and strains to guarantee the rider the highest level of safety. 

Optimised centre of gravity

Based on the central position of the battery in the lower part of the down tube and the low position of the Shimano motor, we were able to achieve an optimum centre of gravity. The low and well-positioned centre of gravity provides the bike with outstanding riding characteristics which are extremely important in particular when fully loaded.

Excellent frame stiffness

The outstanding frame stiffness also has a strong influence on the riding characteristics of bikes with an integrated battery. The tapered head tube, with the large 1.5" to 1.5" diameter, 34.9mm seat tube the diecast motor bracket as well as the 148 x12mm rea through axle all contribute to achieving a safe and precise riding experience. 

Water bottle mounts

The eBIG.TOUR EQ frame offers the possibility to fit a water bottle or further accessories like a lock or pump in two different positions. One is on the top of the down tube, while a second is below the top tube. This gives the rider, besides the possibility to mount bottle cages, the option to mount for example a folding-lock or pump bracket.

MERIDA EXPERT CT adjustable stem

Our in-house components are designed and constructed with the demands of the individual bike type in mind. The MERIDA EXPERT CT stem is fully adjustable, allowing the rider to find the ideal angle for the perfect seating position. Furthermore, it surpasses all MERIDA e-bike specific tests which are more demanding than the legal requirements. All components are tested and certified for a system weight of up to 140kg.  


With the new generation of MERIDA trekking saddles, the focus was clearly on comfort. The riding position on a trekking bike differs mostly in the more upright sitting position, which means that there is more pressure on the saddle. That's why trekking saddles are a little wider and also have sicker padding compared to sportive saddles. Another nice feature at this saddle is the V-Mount interface, which allows you to mount accessories directly on the baseplate of the saddle.

MERIDA MIK carrier with Herrmans H-Cargo light

In cooperation with MIK (Mounting Is Key) we have developed the new and modern rear carrier with a seamlessly integrated Herrmans light. MIK is an open carrier interface which is used by many bicycle manufacturers for direct attachment of various accessories like baskets and/or bags to the carrier. The carrier is equipped with a spring clamp, which can be easily removed in case it’s not needed. The Herrmans H-Cargo light is integrated neatly into the carrier rear end. The modern LED light has a 220° beam which is visible up to 350m away and features a stand light function for more safety.


Through the extensive use of hydroforming on the down tube and the precise laser cutting of the tube opening for the battery, as well as the perfectly matching two-component plastic cover, we were able to integrate the battery seamlessly into the lower part of the down tube. This is consistent throughout the various frame sizes. Charging is easily possible through the nicely integrated charging port at the motor bracket. Also, the battery is perfectly integrated into the down tube, yet it is possible to remove it for charging or when in transport. A further advantage of the battery being integrated into the down tube is the perfect protection from an impact which can occur when the bike falls over or is involved in a crash.

With the additional hole in the down tube, the battery can be turned on from deep sleep mode. That’s necessary when the bike is not used for longer than 6 months, or when the battery of the on/off switch is empty (this battery is normally charged by the main battery). To wake up the battery, just push a 4mm Allen key (best to use the MERIDA EXPERT TR axle) through the hole, pressing the hidden button underneath.