Based on the hugely popular and highly regarded MISSION CX frame, we have created a new addition to our tarmac focused line-up - the MISSION ROAD. Offering a modern frame design with sporty geometry, plenty of tyre clearance and seamless integration of the latest standards, the ROAD has a more road biased specification package, which makes long days in the saddle a breeze. Wide tyres offer plenty of comfort, even on the most pothole littered country lanes, while a higher front end (through added spacers) provides a more relaxed riding position.


The new MISSION ROAD speaks to endurance, leisure, pleasure and passionate cyclists. It is the perfect machine for riders who want to ride, whatever the weather and throughout the seasons, but who do not see the asphalt edge as the limit. It is a high quality and sporty training machine, while also being a fast and reliable commuter, a versatile adventure bike and above all a comfort orientated road endurance bike.  


MISSION ROAD is available in carbon or aluminium

The high-end models are made from carbon fibre to achieve optimum stiffness while keeping the weight as low as possible. On top of that, carbon fibre offers greater flexibility when it comes to creating specific frame details than aluminium. The more price aggressive MISSION ROAD models carry on relying on the proven and easier to handle material of aluminium. 

Go double

Due to its more road biased nature, all MISSION ROAD models feature double chainrings for a wide range and tightly spaced gears. 

Tyre clearance and removable seat stay bridge

The MISSION ROAD offers tyre clearance of up to 42mm or 35mm if mudguards are fitted. The carbon models feature a removable seat stay bridge, which offers an extra fixing point if rear mud guards are fitted, but can be removed for extra tyre clearance and a cleaner look.

Extra comfort

Wide 32mm road tyres and an elevated cockpit offer extra comfort on rougher roads and a more upright riding position (through added spacers). 

Disc brakes

All MISSION RAOD models are equipped with flat mount disc brakes, providing high-performance braking isolated from the weather and gritty conditions due to their location at the wheel's hub/centre.

Carbon fork

All MISSION ROAD models feature a full carbon tapered fork with a 12mm bolt through axle. The full carbon construction offers added comfort and the bolt through improves torsional stiffness of the front wheel. The tapered carbon steerer increases vertical stiffness, providing very precise steering and enhanced confidence in corners.


All our MISSION ROAD models have the ability to add mudguards, making them more versatile, particularly when used as a training or commuting bike. The removable seat stay bridge (not available on aluminium models) stays in place to securely hold the rear mudguard or gets removed for a cleaner look and improved mud clearance.

Bolt through axle

The MISSION ROAD frames feature 12mm bolt through axle front and rear to provide extra frame stiffness. It's also very handy for realigning discs when reinstalling a wheel. 

MERIDA S-Flex seat post

Full carbon seat post with 27.2mm diameter, 15mm setback and 350mm length. Developed by MERIDA to offer a super light and super comfortable carbon post that allows an impressive amount of impact deflection and vibration absorption. 


If you are a dedicated and ambitious cyclocross racer or simply someone who loves to ride whatever the weather, then the MERIDA MISSION CX is your perfect choice. The MISSION CX is a thoroughbred cyclocross race bike with a distinctive design and sporty geometry and has been UCI certified for usage in professional competition. The MISSION CX also has an array of clever details which are more focused on outings away from the cyclocross race track. That gave us the idea to offer the MISSION CX also as an endurance road bike - the MISSION ROAD - for the new model year. The MISSION ROAD finds its place in the MERIDA line-up between the SCULTURA/MISSION CX on one side and the SILEX on the other. It combines various features of these three models. Unlike the MISSION CX, the MISSION ROAD is more road oriented. Due to plenty of tyre clearance, you can easily run 700x32C slick road tyres, which improve the comfort of the bike enormously in comparison with the already hugely comfortable SCULTURA. But as it is equipped with real road tyres, it’s more road-focused than the SILEX and the MISSION CX. Its intended use is certainly road biased while it still retains some strong fire road capabilities. In addition, the MISSION ROAD comes with more head tube spacers compared to the MISSION CX (45mm instead of 25mm), making the seating position more upright and therefore more comfort orientated.

We use the MISSION CX frame for the MISSION ROAD because it offers a fantastic and reliable platform for a multitude of uses and has the latest standards integrated into the frame concept. Due to the longer wheels base and the slacker head tube angle of the MISSION CX/ ROAD frame compared to our SCULTURA, the customer feels very stable and safe on the bike. 

So, the MISSION ROAD is not a gravel bike either, it is not a pure road bike or a thoroughbred cyclocross bike anymore. It is simply an endurance road bike without limits. With the MISSION ROAD, you can go riding and explore your surroundings, without having to turn around when the tarmac road turns into a dirt road because you are worried about getting a puncture. It is the right bike for more leisure-focused cyclists who want to enjoy their outings and want to be comfortable on the bike, whatever the weather!