Bikeboard.at tests the SILEX 7000

SILEX 7000

(Originalquelle: Merida International)

The team from the Austrian cycling website Bikeboard.at, who came to the launch of our new SILEX to test the top of the range SILEX 10K (see story here), continued their SILEX testing by taking a closer look at the next level down from the 10K, the SILEX 7000.

Featuring the same carbon fibre frame with updated geometry, new cable routing, increased tyre clearance and a host of other upgrades, the 7000 differs mainly on the specification side. Equipped with a GRX 12-speed mechanical drivetrain and Eastern alloy wheels, the 7000 is "a perfect all-rounder that guarantees maximum riding pleasure on my local gravel routes”.   

The team were also impressed by the bike's sleek new look, its numerous mounting points, its comfort and its ability to “glide over rough rubble as smoothly as over firm gravel or asphalt” were just some of the additional points the team was impressed by.

To add to the excitement, head tester Martin experimented with a few changes and upgrades during the test period, including a dropper post, which is easily fitted thanks to the GRX's dropper post ready left brake lever. His views on the pros and cons of a dropper post on a gravel bike and how to fit it are included in the full test report.

Their final conclusion, particularly with regard to the area of use:
“All in all, the Merida Silex is a perfect all-rounder that guarantees maximum riding pleasure on my local gravel routes. But it is also suitable for brisk commutes to work, participating in long-distance races or multi-day events that require balanced riding characteristics and maximum off-road capabilities, up to serious bikepacking and long-distance travel. The Silex can be used practically anywhere and combines the robustness of a hardtail with the efficiency of a road bike. For short-distance gravel races, Merida's Scultura Endurance GR should be better suited; however, the Silex did after all suffice for the UCI Gravel World Championship title in 2023.”

To read the full review (available in 12 languages, including the German original), please click here.  

For the full specification and frame features of the tested SILEX 7000, please click the link underneath DISCOVER THE BIKE.