22 Mar 2018

flowmountainbike.com 2018 Sub $4K Enduro Shootout Review

The Awesome crew at flowmountainbike.com put our MERIDA one-sixty to the test

Some highlights from the review:

Let’s look at the spec.

It’s safe to say that the MERIDA – which also happens to be the most expensive – comes out on top in the spec wars, you’re just not left wanting anything more. Highlights are the SRAM Code R brakes and Super Deluxe shock which add bulk value to the overall package.

The top-shelf RockShox Super Deluxe on the MERIDA, premium stuff!

Casting an eye over the frame.

MERIDA wins the most improved award for aesthetics, this new generation One-Sixty looks fantastic, and the internal cables give it clean lines.

A fresh look for MERIDA, the colours are bright, the rear suspension linkage is clean and the welds are very tidy.

Pedalling and climbing on the MERIDA was quite comfortable, suitable for racing enduro on the lesser aggressive courses.

Not fussed on racing, just want to ride hard?

The MERIDA would be quite a good trail bike with some serious firepower in reserve, it pedals and climbs nicely despite the long travel. Singletrack rides with a few rock gardens and sketchy chutes? The MERIDA will take that on the chin, no worries.

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