Going from a balance bike to a ‘normal’ bike takes some kids 5 minutes and others 5 months so be patient!

  • It’s important to make sure your kids learn to stop before they start. Get them to stand beside the bike, grab onto the bar and walk with the bike practising pulling on both brakes. This will help them learn control.
  • Support your child by holding their back or shoulders and walking next to them as they start pedalling. Once they get the knack of it, try this on more of a slope.
  • Once your child can start, pedal and stop, it’s time to focus on steering. Start by getting them to choose a direction to go in rather than towards a specific object and build up to regularly changing directions.
  • Next, encourage them to try figures of eight in each direction to help them tighten their turning control

Please remember safety first and thanks for watching!

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