24 Jul 2017

Travel starts at 60 blogger Joycee Smith : MERIDA Espresso ebike

Powered by an espresso, in more ways than one
By Joycee Smith

Blogger Joycee Smith has been given the opportunity to test-ride the MERIDA Espresso City 510 - Powered by Bosch.

Calling all City workers!

The MERIDA E-Spresso City 510 is a dream come true for commuting. On arriving at work, whatever distance cycled, there’s no need for a shower and refresh. Just park the MERIDA E-spresso near your work station then head to the coffee machine for your other espresso fix! A fortune can be saved on registration, fuel and parking and the added health benefits through exercise are a bonus.

Boomer age people

The bike is a dream to ride around your local community for daily life. Plus, when on longer rides with bike clubs, the family and friends, it’s effortless, making the days more enjoyable.

Campers and caravanners

When arriving at destinations we all like to hop on our cycles and explore the surroundings. With this e-bike you have the chance to extend your adventure because the effort of cycling is decreased substantially.

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