29 Jul 2019

FLOW mtb test the MERIDA One Twenty 8000

A near-perfect example of a versatile, modern, mid-travel trail bike. Merida have served up an efficient, confident bike here, that'll encourage you to push a little harder.



Great handling in just about any situation.
Give-it-a-go geometry.
Smart component choices.


" They making some of the best eMTBs on the planet, but they have a tonne of seriously dialled and engaging conventional mountain bikes too."


The epitome of the modern short-travel trail bike

"Merida has straight up nailed it here... The new One Twenty has the nous to handle a huge range of potential riding situations. Efficient and light enough to enjoy smooth XC race courses, but with geometry and components that hint at its capabilities in big hills at high speeds. A lot of Merida’s market is in Europe, and you get the feeling this bike is really pitched at riders who want to ride to the top of a Very Big Mountain and then bomb back down on the unpredictable goat tracks that are some common over there. "


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