16 Sep 2019

FLOW MTB - Test the 2020 Merida eOne-Sixty 9000


Flowmountainbike.com share with us their first impressions on the 2020 MERIDA eONE-SIXTY 9000, and they are calling it an emtb with a mullet.

What does this mean? Read on and see their rundown of what's so special about this new emtb.


"The 2020 eOne-Sixty now gets a lighter and sleeker carbon fibre mainframe, which integrates the Shimano E8035 battery neatly into the downtube, giving a much cleaner look without the bolt-on style of the old model. It also allows you to fit a water bottle inside the mainframe, which earns a big tick from us.

Suspension travel remains the same, so you’ve got 150mm out back and a 160mm fork up front. However, wheel and tyre sizes have changed. There’s still a 27.5in rear wheel, but Merida has gone all on-trend on us with a 29in wheel up front. Depending on your personal feelings about wheelsize, that makes the eOne-Sixty either a mullet bike or a reverse mullet bike. Oh and you also won’t find plus tyres anymore. Instead, Merida has spec’d new-school 2.6in wide tyres front and rear. "


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