14 Oct 2019

FLOW MTB - MERIDA Bolsters electric MTB range for 2020

MERIDA isn’t exactly a brand that’s messing around when it comes to electric mountain bikes (e-MTBs). Flow checked out the 2020 Merida mountain bike range as part of the Australian launch in Hidden Vale (QLD), and we counted no fewer than 11 e-MTB models in the brand’s lineup! Nearly half of those are premium long-travel rigs too, which includes the brand new second-generation eOne-Sixty, and its shorter-travel spinoff; the eOne-Forty.

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The 2nd Generation Merida eOne-Sixty

Just a couple of months ago, Merida launched the second-generation of its wildly popular eOne-Sixty platform. Employing a carbon fibre mainframe, a mullet 29/27.5in wheelsize setup, and a newly integrated Shimano battery pack, the 2020 eOne-Sixty has brought about a whole host of improvements over the previous generation model. It’s still a long travel and big-hit capable e-MTB, but everything about the original has been given the turbo-boost on this new carbon model.

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