14 Nov 2019

2019 with Izzy Flint

Although there is only 7 weeks left of 2019, there is still so much yet to happen before the end of the year. But looking back on the year so far there has been some pretty cool moments I’d like to share with you. 2019 was a one of those years I’ll never forget, for both the tough times but also the amazing ones. Something I truly believe is “Everything happens for a reason”. From the not so spectacular days to the out of this world good days and everything in between. If you can find the faith to trust the process you will always end up where you are meant to.


So, let’s go back a bit. 2019 started with adventures. January and February are usually training for me. But its also when lots of my family are home and on holidays. I adventured to Maria Island…. a Little island off Tassie’s east coast, I went to Sydney for the first non-bike trip I’ve had in years and I spent lots of time at Derby and Maydena riding my MERIDA One-Sixty getting ready for EWS in March. To view the ONE-SIXTY range, click here.


March rolls around and I went to NZ for EWS which was beautiful. It reminded me a lot of Tassie, but it didn’t quite go to plan, hit my head hard, put myself in hospital and needed a fair chunk of time off.


In April, I travelled to Bright for National XC and DH Champs and for Oceania Champs. No racing for me, but still getting to travel and be apart of the event was a huge win for me… although I don’t like watching races I’m meant to be in!


June was when things started to look up, after being through some roughs days over winter, being injured, I had finally made it to the point in my recovery when I was allowed to ride my XC bike again… you definitely couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!


Finally, August, it was what had kept me motivated through the whole recovery. In August I got to Race again! Now that was the biggest win of the entire year to date. Racing National All Schools and Reef to Reef with a close friend was exactly the re-entry to racing that I needed…. Although I got quite sick at Reef to Reef, I was still buzzing just to be back racing. Just being there was a win!


In September and October, I spent a bit of time getting on top of my sickness and building my training for the next phase of the year. The best day I had on a bike in 2019 was the 5th of October! In conjunction with Maydena bike park, we held a JR women’s ride, we had 18 little shredders under the age of 15 come and ride for the day. Showing the world that “riding like a girl” is a damn good thing, it is a HUGE dream of mine and through this day it showed me that empowering girls to do what they love and chase their dreams is something we need to keep striving to achieve. I was so proud to be a part of such an amazing day.


And that brings us to now… so stay tuned! The year might not have gone how I had originally planned but I’m sure going to end it with a bang!


Happy adventures,



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