20 Feb 2020

So what is an E-Commuter?

E-Bikes are now everywhere. We can’t escape them. And we definitely don’t want to.

Simply put, an electric bike, also known as an e-bike, is the exact same as a regular bike but with an added motor to assist the riding experience. Don’t worry, they don’t take the fun away from riding – instead they enhance it. With an e-bike, pedaling is much easier, you get an extra boost for speed and performance, and they take the hard work out of hills and long distances so that you can enjoy your ride.

Almost every kind of bike now has an e-bike equivalent, whether it’s mountainbiking, commuting, or anything in between. Getting to and from your destination is much easier when you don’t have to pedal so much (especially during those hot Summer months), suits and skirts won’t get ruined or in the way when you have a low step-through height, and age is no limit when you don’t have to work as hard for your results.

Now that we’ve narrowed down what an e-commuter is, let’s have a look at the different. There’s a perfect bike for everyone.



Your e-bike partner for around town

Leisure meets commuting with the eSPRESSO because this bike is designed specifically to enhance your lifestyle. The newest generation of the eSPRESSO features an integrated battery for a clean look, an improved purposeful geometry for maximum comfort, and a powerful Shimano STePS motor that can hold 60% of the battery capacity after 1,000 charging cycles – a feature that makes it the best battery in its class. This bike is available with a regular or low step-through height, making it the perfect go-to for an e-commuter bike. The eSPRESSO sets the standard for e-bike riding.

Price: Starting at RRP $2,799.

View the eSPRESSO range here.



Low step through comfort, stability and fun

The eSPRESSO CITY is the perfect bike for commuting. The low step-through height makes mounting and dismounting incredibly easy, the outstanding frame stiffness provides a safe and precise riding experience, and the fast rolling 700c wheels are ideal for rides on roads, lanes and smooth tracks. The eSPRESSO CITY is perfect for anyone looking for an alternative to driving or public transport and it’s also ideal for anyone looking for some assistance in their riding. The internal cable routing and smooth welding make this a stylish bike to ride.

Price: Starting at RRP $3,299.

View the eSPRESSO CITY range here.



Urban mobility or cross country versatility

The eSPRESSO TK range have combined the best results of city bikes with off-road bikes to create the dream ride for anyone wishing to take advantage of a comfortable low-step-through but not wanting to sacrifice the robustness, power and freedom that an off-road bike offers. Yes, the eSPRESSO TK is more city oriented, but it offers the possibility for light off-road riding on rail trails or gravel roads, making it perfect for anyone looking for an e-bike that will enhance their active lifestyle.

Price: Starting at RRP $3,999.

View the eSPRESSO TK/CC range here.