17 Mar 2020

How to stay on your MERIDA bike during the Coronavirus pandemic

The spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has created much uncertainty not only here in Australia but around the world. We wanted to provide you with a few tips to keep you and your bike riding during this time.

Of course we’re a bike company so a few, if not all, of these tips may already be your ‘normal’ but with such a big shift to social distancing happening we thought that we’d share our advice for keeping active and on your bike while adjusting to these unprecedented times.

For the latest health information please continue to refer to the World Health Organisation and Australian Government.


Tip #1: Avoid public transport by riding to work

Not only is it a great way to stay active and reduce your climate impact, but riding to work also allows you to avoid public transport.

It goes without saying that riding to work has all kinds of benefits. It’s an easy way to get your 30 minutes of exercise each day and instead of needing to find extra time in your day to do it you just need to substitute your pre-existing commute. Now it’s also a great way to avoid large crowds such as those found on public transport during peak times.

Traveling by bike is also much cheaper than many people seem to think. If you need a new bike and wish to avoid spending too much time in a shop we have our Click & Collect option available. You can shop our sale here or otherwise look up our whole range on our website and follow the link through to purchase via Click & Collect. Also feel free to use our dealer search to find the details of your local retailer if you wish to contact them about how you can arrange a collection.


Tip #2: Keep your bike clean

Now it’s as important as ever to keep your bike well maintained and cleaned.

The unfortunate truth is that bikes can collect a lot of germs. COVID-19 may be a viral disease but any surface that can transfer bacteria can also transfer viruses and this includes bikes. If there’s any chance that your bike has come in contact with anyone who might be infected it’s important that you clean your bike immediately.

Also make sure to check your handlebars as these are so frequently touched by your hands. Handlebar tape is quick to put on and very affordable for road bikes and so are new handlebar grips for MTB and hybrid bikes.

Don’t forget to wash your hands after riding and it is also important to avoid bike sharing at the moment. If someone wants to borrow your bike that’s great! Point them towards our Bikes on Sale list, we have a huge range of bikes available at a huge discount! Think of it as an Oprah Winfrey 'YOU get a bike and YOU get a bike’ kind of era.


Tip #3: Stay active in self-isolation where you can

The idea of staying at home for at least two weeks straight may be a not-so-pleasant thought for most of us but even though that’s becoming a reality for many, there are still ways to stay active.

Of course it’s important to prioritise your health first and foremost but as well as keeping your fitness level up, finding ways to start exercising within your home is also great for your mental health. If you’re able to keep riding at home with an exercise bike (or substantially-sized backyard) then that’s great but if not there are a few other options available.

There’s a wide array of home exercises and workouts available on the internet, whether you’re looking for a gentle ten-minute workout on YouTube or an intensive two-week fitness program, there’s something available for everyone’s needs. Best of all, it’s just a Google search away.

If you’re unable to ride during this time now may also be a good chance to work on your strength. Certain exercises can help you increase your strength, power and ability on your bike and with a huge variety of content available on the internet, you can find a workout for you whether you have access to a home gym with an array of equipment or just a few free meters of space on your living room floor.