14 Mar 2020

Australian Mountain Bike - First Look: Merida's eOne-Forty Limited eMTB

Mika Blewitt from Australian Mountain Bike Magazine got his hands on one of the 2020 MERIDA eONE-FORTY LIMITED EDITION's and here's his first look:

We have had an eOne-Forty Limited land for testing recently. It's a really smart looking bike that does what you'd imagine - it packs all the features of the carbon model into an aluminium package, which puts the price at $6499, compared to $7799 for the eOne-Forty 8000 model. The higher spec model has the carbon mainframe, but also upgraded suspension, drivetrain and components. So it's not quite like for like besides the main frame.

With trails drying up here in south east Queensland, it's time to take it to the trails. I would imagine the overall ride quality will be similar to the 8000 model tested by Brad in our current issue, but coming in at a lower price point is a real bonus. While spending over $6000 on a bike is still a big investment, being able to get an eMTB from such a well-respected stable at $6499 is really noteworthy, especially when it still has Shimano's STEPS E8000 drive unit. Our full review will be in Issue #182.


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