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frame eSILEX+ LITE

frame size XS, S, M, L, XL


derailleur (r) Shimano GRX812

brakes Shimano GRX600

battery Mahle B1-D

drive unit Mahle X35+ Hub Engine


frame size XS, S, M, L, XL


derailleur (r) Shimano GRX400

brakes Shimano GRX400

battery Mahle B1-D

drive unit Mahle X35+ Hub Engine

When we started riding our first bike and managed to stay upright after countless attempts, we very quickly made our bikes our constant companion on our explorations of the neighbourhood and the local woods. Fast forward to today, and with a long list of other jobs, we expect our bikes to do, we still enjoy the freedom and ability our bikes give us when it comes to exploring. However, sometimes we also look for that little ‘tailwind’ that makes carrying the extra load, climbing the steeper slopes or going the extra mile a little bit easier. Our e-assisted eSILEX could be exactly the bike you are looking for. It combines low overall weight, a sleek silhouette, stylish looks, versatility and perfectly matching e-motor assistance into the perfect package for today’s modern way of travelling...and exploring.


So, if you are often looking for the off-road alternative when you are out on your bike or need a ‘supportive’ companion for your next bike adventure or bikepacking weekend, or perhaps you simply enjoy exploring the path unknown, then the eSILEX might be the perfect assisted bike for you. The rear-hub MAHLE system with integrated battery offers a neutral support level whenever your journey requires some e-motor assistance. Similarly, to the non-assisted SILEX, the eSILEX is available in the more rugged 650B or the more fast-rolling 700c set-up. Both versions come with gravel/off-road tyres for extra grip. A large number of fixing points on the frame, as well as the fork, turn the eSILEX into an adventure rig without any fuss.



All cables are run internally, to protect them from moisture and dirt. On our eSILEX we go one step further by letting all cables enter the frame through a specific headset cap, the WIRE PORT, making the cockpit super clean, clutter-free and easy to fit bar bags to your bike, in case you need to maximise your luggage capacity. 


The internal battery is perfectly integrated into the downtube and allows for a sleek tube shape. The 250 Wh capacity offers sufficient range in the city and on training rides, with the option of an external range extender with an additional 208 Wh capacity. 


Higher system weights, luggage attached to your forks and increased cornering speeds demand precise steering. Our 1.5" oversized head tube, combined with a tapered fork, deliver precisely that, giving the rider the confidence that even a laden bike will steer through next corner perfect. 


To keep the cockpit as clean as possible, we have placed the iWOC on/off switch on the top tube. This location makes it perfect for reaching it in every riding condition. MAHLE's iWOC switch is not just an on/off switch but the rider can also toggle between the different support level by pressing the button. Different colours of the ring indicate at which level the system is running. 


Our eSILEX is available in two different wheeled versions – the more rugged 650B set-up, or the more fast-rolling 700c option. If 700c wheels are fitted, the eSILEX has tyre clearance of up to 40 mm, even when fenders are fitted. If you prefer the more off-road biased 650B wheels, then up to 47 mm wide tyres are no problem. 


To easily charge the internal battery of the eSILEX, we have positioned the charging port at the down tube/seat tube junction, just above the bottom bracket. This position is perfectly protected and easily accessible.   



Our eSILEX is loaded with fixing points giving the rider plenty of opportunities to attach whatever equipment is needed for the next big outing. The main frame has fittings for two water bottle cages on the downtube, the ‘Trail Mount’ which is positioned underneath the top tube/seat tube junction and attachment points for the range extender that fits to the seat tube. On top of that, we have fitting points on our carbon fork to fit fork bags. But we don’t just have all the fitting points on our e-adventure bike; we also have a huge range of suitable bags in our range to turn the eSILEX into a proper adventure rig. We offer waterproof frame bags that are available in two sizes and offer up to 5.4l capacity, saddle packs and handlebar bag, as well as our gravel cages with matching fork bags. All our bags are made from rip and waterproof material, have compression and luggage straps where appropriate and feature reflective strips for added visibility.    



On our eSILEX, we are using the trusted MAHLE ebikemotion X35+ motor and battery system that is renowned for its compact size, low weight and an extremely natural riding feeling when delivering assistance as well as when cruising above the 25 km/h maximum support level. 

The rear hub MAHLE motor system X35+ offers 40 Nm of smooth and easy to use support and is powered by a 250 Wh internal battery. While the 250 Wh capacity doesn't sound a lot in the first instance, the weight and the efficiency of the rear hub engine in combination with the riding style of an e-road bike, the battery has enough capacity to have a long day in the saddle. And should the integrated battery prove to be not sufficient for an extra-long outing, then a 208 Wh range extender that can be mounted to the frame like a water bottle will make sure that there is plenty of juice in the tank. 

All these aspects make our MAHLE equipped eSILEX feel almost like a non-assisted bike when going beyond the support level. The rear hub motor has almost no drag when not engaged and keeps the silhouette of the bike as 'non-e-bike' as possible. The intelligent software of the system offers the opportunity to set the support levels at usage-specific levels, allowing, for example, the eSILEX set-up to be distinctively different to a more road or commuting focused configuration - ideal to give our three different e-road bikes the unique set-up their primary 'playgrounds' require.