1 Feb. 2019

Izzy Flint - What a way to start the year!

My 2019 has kicked off fantastically, exploring the beautiful parts of my amazing island that I haven’t seen before!  It began with a family adventure to the picturesque Maria island (an even smaller island off the coast of my little island) with no cars, no electricity and lots of wildlife, it made for the perfect place to explore, relax and unwind! Everyday saw an adventure or 2 with mum and poppa tagging along for my morning rides, followed by a family bush walk in the afternoon. Every night we’d sit up till dark talking, playing cards or reading our books. It really was the best way to clear your head!

Once my new MERIDA ONE-SIXTY arrived I went straight to Derby with one of my best mates to try it out and man did I love it, it was one of those bikes you get on and feel like you’ve ridden forever! The best feeling! After I got over myself and realised this was my bike to keep, I decided I needed to name her….. Betty… Big Bike Betty!

I also ventured to Hobart to spend some time with my coach and to catch up with some other friends. Continuing my month of firsts’, I had a photo shoot with Beardy McBeard on Mt Wellington. Although my body didn’t appreciate the 4.30am alarm or the 2 degrees on top of the mountain, it did make for beautiful photos. I then spent the rest of the week following the locals on the rugged trails that surround Hobart trying hard to not feel lost, despite their terrible sense of direction.  The end of the month sees me getting ready to start year 11 (which is known as College in Tassie) on a new campus and made even more exciting with a mountain bike specific Athlete Development Program.
Bring on the rest of 2019 and stay tuned for next month’s update as I ramp up my training in readiness for EWS.

Hope you’re enjoying your trails as much as I am!
Izzy Flint