Hit the trails at full gas, up or down - and do it all day. Delivering trail bike performance without the weight, it can hit turf that should be out of bounds for a bike that climbs so well.

You want to hit the trails at full gas, whether they're up or down - and you want to do it all day. The NINETY-SIX 6000 is our trail-focussed version of our cutting edge cross-country race weapon, pairing a longer travel 120 mm RockShox SID fork to our taut but effective 100 mm of rear travel. A Shimano 12-speed XT/SLX/Race Face drivetrain translates effort into speed, while a larger four-piston front brake and more aggressive tyres will back you up when you hit territory that should be out of bounds for a bike that climbs so well.

The NINETY-SIX is the new and exciting reincarnation of our former World Cup proven XC and marathon machine. It inherits the forward-surging race genes of the old NINETY-SIX and combines it with a new readiness and ability to tackle today’s demanding XC and marathon courses. The carbon fibre frame platform and P-FLEX suspension is the perfect basis for a fun-packed, fast and trail loving short travel full suspension machine that helps define what a modern cross country race bike should be. It's able to take on the rougher than ever world-class race tracks as well as the trail riders who want hyper-speed climbing with the ability to descent like never before. If you're after lightning quick climbing with downhill 'downcountry' capability, this model comes with a longer 120 mm travel fork more aggressive tyres and a more powerful front brake compared to our race-focussed 'RC' models.

  • Lightweight CF4 carbon frame with 100 mm travel and P-FLEX technology
  • 120 mm travel RockShox SID fork with 35 mm stanchions for increased capability
  • Modern aggressive geometry
  • Powerful Shimano SLX 4-piston front brake
  • Aggressive Maxxis tyres
  • MERIDA dropper seat post
  • 29mm inner width
  • material: aluminium
  • Tubeless ready (tubeless tape and valves not included)
  • 100mm suspension travel
  • material: carbon
  • 29x2.3" max. wheelsize
  • 148x12mm axle standard
  • BSA bottom bracket standard
velikost okvirja S, M, L, XL
  • Air
  • 120mm suspension travel
  • Tapered
  • lockout
  • 44mm fork offset
  • 29x2.6" max. wheelsize
  • 110x15mm width front hub
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 148x12mm width rear hub, 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 32 teeth
  • 170 mm-S, 175 mm-M up
spr. prestavne ročke JD-FL lever
  • 29x2.3"
  • fold
  • TR EXO 3C MaxxTerra
  • 29x2.3"
  • fold
  • TR EXO 3C MaxxTerra
  • 110x15mm width front hub
  • 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • 148x12mm width rear hub, 32 spoke holes
  • Centerlock
  • V-mount
  • incl. MERIDA minitool
Slika gometrije okvirja
Velikost okvirja S M L XL
Tire Sizes 29" 29" 29" 29"
St Seat Tubes Mm 400 440 470 500
Tt Top Tubes Mm 581 601 624 648
Cs Chain Stays Mm 435 435 435 435
Hta Head Tube Angles Deg 67 67 67 67
Sta Seat Tube Angle Deg 75 75 75 74.5
Bd Bottom Bracket Drops Mm 36 36 36 36
Ht Head Tube Lengths Mm 95 95 105 115
Fl Fork Lengths Mm 530 530 530 530
R Reachs Mm 420 440 460 480
S Stacks Mm 595 595 605 614
Wb Wheel Base Mm 1136 1156 1180 1203
Sh Stand Over Height Mm 740 741 747 749




Uporaba stožčaste cevi dimenzij in ležaja 1 1/8 "na vrhu in 1 1/4" ali 1 1/2 "na dnu ustvarja izjemno togost in natančno, zanesljivo navdušujoče krmiljenje.



Bovdni napeljavi skozi okvir nudijo sodoben izgled kolesa, medtem ko so kabli ustrezno zaščiteni pred vlago in umazanijo.



Da bi zaščitili celovitost karbonskih okvirjev so vlakna vezana skupaj z epoksidno smolo in dodanimi nano delci, kar povečuje odpornost na udarce za 40%.



Pri ustvarjanju posameznih ogljikovih elementov se uporablja napihljiv mehur, ki zagotavlja, da v cevi ni gub, saj lahko te dodajo težo in ustvarijo šibkost. Rezultat je svetlejši, trdnejši in močnejši okvir.



Izbrane vijake lahko zategnemo z klučem TORX 30 samo z ene strani, ne da bi pri tem prišlo do nevarnosti, da bi se nasprotna stran zdrsnila ali se zavrtela, kar omogoča hitrejše in enostavnejše privijanje pomembnih komponent opreme.



The compliance of the material and the specific shaping of the tubes, allows the frame to flex near the seat and chainstay junction, making a pivot point obsolete. By not fitting a pivot point at the seat and chainstay junction, we save weight as well as add stiffness.



MERIDA designed headsets that allow all control cables to enter the frame through the headset, creating a clean and uncluttered look, without making structural changes to the frame. Depending on the model, the cables are run completely internally (including bar and stem) or semi-integrated where the cables enter the frame underneath the stem.