3 Aug 2017

Singletrack visit MERIDA in Stuttgart

Singletrack take a tour of the MERIDA R & D Centre in Stuttgart, Germany after a few days of roadtripping through Europe.

"When you think of the MERIDA brand, chances are that you’re envisioning gargantuan Taiwanese factories. Factories filled with welders fabricating frames and mechanics lacing wheels, while an endless number of workers install components on mile-long assembly lines, churning out hundreds of thousands of bicycles. You might also think of entry-level hardtails, high-end road bikes, or urban e-bikes. You might even think of Specialized – a brand that MERIDA manufacturers for – or a host of other big (and small) name brands that MERIDA also makes bikes for.

If any of those thoughts popped into your head, then you would be right."

Find out more about what's goes on behind the scenes of the MERIDA R & D centre, what the process is to design a new bike and how long it takes to produce a new bike from project start to finish.

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Photography by James Vincent