15 Jan 2020

MERIDA's Best Bikes for Back-to-School

It’s January and that means it’s time to head back to school! Along with the books and pens, now’s as good a time as any to buy a bike for your kid. Not only does a bike give them that extra bit of freedom to move around but riding to school every day is a great way to add some more activity to their daily life.

Here’s our top recommendations for your kids next bike and, if you’re struggling to narrow down all of the options, then here are some differences that you might want to take into consideration too.



Kids bikes – for the racers of tomorrow

Whether you’re starting on a J12 or J16 with training wheels as a first-ride bike or you’re after a J. 24+ for the kids who are growing a bit too quickly, the MATTS J series are performance bikes for kids. The components of these bikes are tailored to the needs of kids but don’t sacrifice on the high quality held by the rest of the MERIDA range.

Price: Starting at RRP $249.

View the MATTS J range here.



Fast, reliable and uncompromising

Available in either carbon or aluminium, the BIG.NINE range is the ideal companion for both the race track and the bike path. Don’t just get a bike that they’ll ride on the path, get a bike that’ll love a bit of dirt and gravel too. Whether the daily commute path isn’t as flat and easy as the city streets or they just want to be able to take the bike out for a leisurely ride every once in a while too, the BIG.NINE is the backbone of the MERIDA range for a very good reason.

Price: Starting at RRP $715.

View the BIG.NINE range here.

Looking for the same bike but slightly smaller in sizing? Check out our BIG.SEVEN range here.



All mountain and trail fun

Only introduced in 2018, the ONE-FORTY range is a winner for trail riders and the international cycling press alike. The combination of a super supple and active suspension system and great pedaling efficiency make this bike more than capable of handling long and demanding rides and technical trail sessions. This is perfect for the kids who love their bike and need a bike that loves them. Don’t let their limits lie with their bike.

Price: Starting at RRP $2,599.

View the ONE-FORTY range here.



Comfort and all-round functionality

Looking for a bike they can buzz around on over footpaths and whiz along a bike path on? The CROSSWAY is a perfect blend of comfort, enjoyment and all-round functionality. Customisation opportunities are endless with the ability to mount mudguards, racks and kickstands. This bike is also available as a low step through frame, meaning that you won’t need to worry about skirts getting in the way or rips appearing in their trousers.

Price: Starting at RRP $599.

View the CROSSWAY range here.