9 Apr 2020

Find the right size MERIDA bike for you using the Smartfit online sizing tool

Smartfit! New feature on merida.com.au.

Whether you are new to cycling or wanting to click and collect your way to a new MERIDA bike the Smartfit tool will steer you in the right direction in getting the right fit.

For each MERIDA bicycle you will find a link to the Smartfit system on its product page. No matter what style of bike you want to ride, this system calculates the correct size bike for you, using your height. Your arm and leg length are calculated automatically based on a database of thousands of cyclists that have been measured and anonymized.

Find your next MERIDA bike and your correct bike size today. Buy online and pick it up from your local MERIDA Dealer. Your local MERIDA dealer may also arrange a professional bike fit in store which will ensure your specific set up needs are met, avoiding injury and making cycling even more enjoyable than it already is.

Support your local bike shop. #Supportlocal