21 May 2020

Staying safe while mountain biking

Mountain biking is one of the most exciting sports. The raw excitement that comes from being on your bike in a natural environment is something like no other. Although mountain biking is exhilarating and enjoyable, it can also be dangerous. Here are our top tips for staying safe on the track and making the most of your MERIDA mountain biking adventures.


Look after your bike

No matter what kind of riding you’re doing, it’s important to look after your bike. Cleaning it regularly, especially after muddy or dusty rides, will keep your bike riding smoothly, prolong the life and quality of your bike, and deter excessive wear. It’s also important to regularly take your bike into your local bike shop for regular maintenance from the professionals. Make sure your brakes, tyres, chain, frame, and all other parts of your bike are in good condition.


Know your ride

Whether you’re hitting up the local track or travelling to a bigger one, it’s important to have an idea of your route beforehand. Check the difficulty of your route along with how long it’ll take to complete and its length. If you’re not comfortable or confident with it then there’s no shame in finding an easier route. Plan extra time in case you need to do any bike repairs or treat any injuries, or even if you just need to take a break for ten minutes. It’s also important to check the weather before setting out as riding on a wet track can damage the track and if it’s hot and sunny you probably want to take some sunscreen and water. This is Australia after all.


Always wear a helmet

This goes without saying. Not only is it Australian law to wear a helmet while riding your bike, no matter what kind of riding you’re doing, but it’s imperative to your safety. If you need a new helmet, or maybe just want an extra to leave in your car as a ‘just in case’, head on into your local bike shop. They’ll be able to help you find one that suits your riding and fits correctly.


Don’t do it alone

One of the many great things about mountain biking is the community. Hitting the track with your friends, or even your family, is a great way to socialize and doing it with others can help motivate you to improve your riding. From a safety perspective, having someone you know with you can make a huge difference. If you are going at it alone make sure you tell a few people where you’re going, where you will be and how long you’ll be gone for.


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