7 Mar 2023

Review: Bikerumor say the One-Sixty 6000 has "reassuring, responsive ride-feel with plentiful positive feedback"

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The 79° seat tube angle puts its rider in a dominating position over the bottom bracket,

As more press outlets have had a chance to experience the all-new One-Sixtyrange for themselves, we've been getting even more great feedback as their reports come in. The latest is this very positive review from Bikrumor of the One-Sixty 6000, which impressed their tester, who said that it is "easy to ride with good pace... packed full of useful frame features" and that it has an "enduro race-worthy spec".

The One-Sixty uses our new FAST kinematic suspension system that combines the low-maintenance P-FLEX flexstay suspension design with the option to run either a 27.5" or 29" rear wheel, with suspension progression tuned for each size of frame. This all-new design was singled out for particular praise, with the tester saying "down my go-to test tracks, I was quickly able to find good pace, a great indication that the setup was well-balanced... ...I managed to get this bike performing really, really well" and that and that "the rear-end tracked very well through the rough stuff and my feet were consistently planted where they should be – on the pedals".

This confidence-inspiring aspect for eh bike's handling was also noted: "The One-Sixty s plentiful mid-stroke support made the bike feel very positive in its feedback, like its constantly telling you, “you got this”, or “I’ve got your back”. It provides a secure platform to push against through the apex of turns when you’re really pumping down through the bike to demand grip from the tires".

The new bike, along with the One-Forty platform, sees the introduction of our new AGILOMETER sizing system paired with more progressive geometry numbers to give more confident handling. The feedback on this aspect of the bike was also very positive, saying "the One-Sixty holds its own through rock-strewn chunder-like sections where you kind of just need to stand on the bike and let the suspension do its thing. It rewards the rider’s trust in those situations" adding that "on steep, fall-line trails, I was a happy rider with the 64° head tube angle showing me plenty of front tire to steer through some tight turns".

The kit list of the carbon fibre framed One-Sixty 6000 was also praised, with the product team's focus on fitting robust, fit-for-purpose equipment to deal with the heavy-duty use the bike is designed for. This fact was noticed by the tester, saying: "I do applaud Merida for investing in quality, fit-for-purpose tires on the One-Sixty " and that "I believe the Merida One-Sixty would be a great bike for the vast majority of enduro riders, requiring no obvious and immediately required component changes. That’s to be applauded".

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