A sleek, efficient eBike perfect for leisure and commuting

You like the urban jungle, you seek out the best ways to get around, and you enjoy the flow your bike gives you around sticky traffic or out on the open cycle tracks. Yet sometimes you wish you would have that extra bit of help to make the way home from work less strenuous or to make the last two hills on your evening fitness loop ever so slightly, smaller. That’s where our new super sleek eSpeeder comes into play. Combining a low overall weight with a super, non-assisted bike like silhouette and the right dose of e-motor assistance when needed.


Our normal Speeder is all about urban and fitness efficiency that combines fast-rolling tyres with a straight handlebar set-up and powerful disc brakes. Our eSpeeder follows in exactly those footsteps, the only difference, the super neutral MAHLE rear hub motor gives that extra bit of climbing or 'catch up' speed when the legs get a bit tired. The stylish appearance combined with the more upright riding position and fast-rolling 700c wheels makes the eSpeeder the perfect urban and commuting bike for everybody who is looking for a sporty electirc city bike.


Cable integration

All cables are run internally, to give the bike a neat look as well as protect them from moisture and dirt. On our eRoad bikes, all cables enter the frame through a specific headset cap, the ‘Wire Port’, making the cockpit super clean and clutter-free. 

Battery integration

The internal battery is perfectly integrated into the downtube and allows for a sleek tube shape. The 250 Wh capacity offers sufficient range in the city and on training rides, with the option of an external range extender with an additional 250 Wh capacity.  

1.5" head tube

Higher system weights and increased cornering speeds demand precise steering. Our 1.5" oversized head tube, combined with a tapered fork, deliver exactly that, giving the rider the confidence to push into the next corner that little bit harder. 

iWOC control unit

To keep the cockpit as clean as possible, we have placed the iWOC on/off switch on the top tube. This location makes it perfect for reaching it in every riding condition. MAHLE’s iWOC switch is not just an on/off switch but the rider can also toggle between the different support level by pressing the button. Different colours of the ring indicate at which level the system is running. 

LEZYNE front light

The eSpeeder features the new Lezyne Power Pro front light for excellent visibility during the day as well as evening and dawn rides. The front light is attached securely to our stem clamp plate, keeping the light perfectly fixed to the bike without cluttering the cockpit area. It draws its power from the main battery.  (EQ models only)

Rear carrier with integrated LEZYNE rear light

Multiple attachment points to fit fenders, a rear rack, bottles and other equipment, turning the more fitness-oriented bare set-up of the eSpeeder into a more commuter and transport focused bike. Our eSpeeder400 EQ model comes fully equipped as standard and features a rear rack with integrated Lezyne rear light. The rear light provides added visibility during the day as well as evening and dawn rides and is charged by the main battery.

Tyre clearance

Depending on your preferences or the terrain you are going to ride on, you can fit 700c wheels with up to 40 mm tyres, even when fenders are fitted. If you prefer 650B wheels, then up to 47 mm wide off-road biased tyres are no problem. 

Kick-stand as standard

The eSPEEDER comes with a kick-stand that attaches underneath the chain stay as standard, perfect for improving the bike’s ‘day-to-day’ usability. 

Charging port

To easily charge the internal battery, we have positioned the charging port at the down tube/seat tube junction, just above the bottom bracket. This position is perfectly protected and easily accessible.   


The eSpeeder uses the trusted MAHLE ebikemotion X35+ motor and battery system that is renowned for its compact size, low weight and an extremely natural riding feeling when delivering assistance as well as when cruising above the 25 km/h maximum support level. 

The rear hub MAHLE motor system X35+ offers 40 Nm of smooth and easy to use support and is powered by a 250 Wh internal battery. While the 250 Wh capacity doesn't sound a lot, the weight and the efficiency of the rear hub engine in combination with the riding style of an eRoad bike, the battery has enough capacity to have a long day in the saddle. 

All these aspects make the eSpeeder feel almost like a non-assisted bike when going beyond the support level. The rear hub motor has almost no drag when not engaged and keeps the silhouette of the bike as 'non-e-bike' as possible. The intelligent software of the system offers the opportunity to set the support levels at usage-specific levels, allowing, for example, the eSpeederset-up to be distinctively different to a more road bike focused configuration - ideal to give our three different e-road bikes a unique set-up.