Maintaining Your Shimano STEPS eBike

Operating the STEPS’ System

Your STEPS equipped bicycle is turned on by pressing the power button on the battery (external battery type) or by the remote button located on the top tube (integrated battery type)

Your bike has three modes that can be switched between using the switch on the handlebars. These will be named Eco, Normal and High (E5000/E6100 models) or Eco, Trail and Boost (E7000/EP8 models) Eco mode is best suited to long distance on level terrain, Normal (Trail) is ideal on gentle slopes and undulating terrain whereas High (Boost) is best for steep slopes. Try alternating between these modes for the best battery life and performance. You can always turn the system off and the bike will ride like a conventional bike (if a little heavier)

*If your bike is not equipped with a display there will be a small unit fitted to the brake cable at the front of the bike. Pressing the button on this unit will switch between the modes – light blue is Eco, Green is Normal/Trail and Yellow High/Boost. This unit can also be paired wirelessly to the Etube ride smartphone app for more details head to:

Don’t forget to use the gears of your bike – the motor will work best at an optimal RPM, pedalling too slowly or too quickly will not get the best from the motor, Much like riding a non-electric bike make sure you are in the correct gear for the terrain you intend to ride along in advance.

Some Ebikes that are fitted with Di2 and Internal Hub Gears have an Automatic Shifting function. This can be accessed by pressing down all the buttons on the handlebar switch.

Your bike is also equipped with a ‘Walk’ function. To access this cycle the display down past off and press and hold the handlebar switch to engage the walk function. Walk assist is best used when pushing a bicycle with heavy luggage on it or pushing the bicycle up a steep driveway for example.

Do not turn on the STEPS system with pressure on the pedal or whilst riding doing so will return a W013 error code. This can be cleared by switching the bike off and back on again in most cases

E6100 Series - Manual

EP8 - Manual

Battery Storage

Batteries should be stored in a non-humid environment, out of direct sunlight and away from combustible materials.

Refer to Shimano’s handbook for full safety instructions.


For every 4th charge, the battery should be inserted into the bike. Failure to do this may affect the reliability of the On/Off switch.


Use a normal hose pipe or warm, soapy water, a neutral bike wash solution and a soft bristled brush to clean your e-Bike, ensuring that water is removed from all electronic connections using a clean, dry cloth.

Please don’t use a pressure washer or an air line.

Don’t spray WD40 into the ports.


Your eBike should be serviced by a Merida/ Shimano STEPS dealer annually. Failure to comply will invalidate your warranty.


Error Code - E010

Fault What to Check What You're Looking for...

General System Error; may appear with another code


Check for damage or kinks. The etube wires are responsible for the flow of data between components and if they are damaged in any way (this includes overtightening cable clamps) then this causes a disruption to the data flow.

If a cable issue is suspected, return the bike to the store who can organise a replacement if necessary


Connection Ports

Check the connection ports on the components (especially the drive unit) for signs of corrosion and dirt. STEPS can be susceptible to dust

If dirt is present, clean carefully around the ports using a soft dry cloth.

Don’t use WD40 in the ports.


Battery Mount

If you believe there is a problem with the battery mount, please return the bike to the store for expert attention



Error Code - E020

Fault What to Check What You're Looking for...

Connection between the battery and drive unit

Power Cable

Check the condition of the power cable where it connects to the drive unit. If excess dirt is present, clean as described for the E010 cable fault codes (ensure battery is removed before cleaning)

Check the power cable where it links to the underside of the battery mount for damage


Error Code - W010

Fault What to Check What You're Looking for...

Temperature of the drive unit is too high


Check that the brakes are not rubbing

Avoid riding in boost mode or in very hot conditions in a hard gear for an excessive period of time


Riding Conditions/ Boost

Cassette, chain & chainring

Check the cassette, chain and chainring for wear

Contact your dealer for advice for all other issues


Error Code - W011 (may be combined with E014)

Fault What to Check What You're Looking for...

Speed Sensor Warning

Magnet & Speed Sensors & Cables

Return your bike to the store for expert advice


Error Code - W013 (may be combined with E010)

Fault What to Check What You're Looking for...

Torque Sensor Warning

ON/ OFF switch

May occur if you forgot to turn the power on beforehand and attempted to do so whilst riding the bike. The strain gauges inside the drive unit are sensitive to this so the display will beep and show W013

Get off the bike, turn the power off then back on again to clear the code

If this doesn’t help, return to the store for expert advice


No Error Code

Fault What to Check What You're Looking for...

Bike cuts out & fails to reach speed


Potential problem with the wheel size that’s been inputted at coding stage

Return to dealer for inspection

ON/ OFF switch failure


Ensure bike is fully charged - using the frame charging point

Check whether the battery is in sleep mode. If so, activate the “wake up” button on the battery using the frame bung (below the 4 bottle cage mounts)

Key Watch Outs – Specific to Merida e-Bikes

Area Instructions

Accessing the battery

When removing the battery, use the allen key fitted in the rear axle. ENSURE THIS IS TURNED IN A CLOCKWISE DIRECTION. The battery mount will break if the key is turned anti-clockwise, resulting in the battery mechanism being stuck within the frame.

When replacing the battery cover, ensure that the rubber tab is placed FULLY over the pin or it may become detached.

Caution - Integrated Cable Care

Take care when adjusting the stem as the mode switch cable exits via a hole in the bars below the stem face plate. If the bars are loose and rotate they may cut the cable.