31 May 2023

Team Bahrain Victorious unveils Pearl-Inspired Design for Tour de France

In time for the biggest cycling race of the year, the riders of Team Bahrain Victorious will compete on their Tour de France special Pearl Edition bikes.

With a rich history in pearl fishing that dates back over 4,000 years, the new colour scheme honours and celebrates this long-standing tradition of Bahrain and all people involved in this community-wide endeavour. 

The pearling industry was the backbone of Bahrain's economy for centuries, making it a prosperous trading hub. The team's pearl-inspired design featured across the Reacto and Scultura bikes, their kit, helmets and bottles captures these precious gems' natural beauty and elegance, with teal accents symbolising the waters of the Arabian Gulf and subtle gold touches representing the shimmering glow of pearls.

While dressed in a beautiful and unique paint job for this year's Tour de France, underneath, the Scultura Team brings its outstanding climbing prowess, class-leading comfort and precise handling to the table. In particular, during the gruelling climbing stages of the three-week-long event, these characteristics will help the team to keep fatigue low and leave their mark on the Tour.  

And for the fast and flat sprinting stages of this year's Tour de France, the team will put their trust into the test and award-winning aerodynamics of the Reacto to once again play a decisive role at the front of the peloton.  

To find out more about the test and award-winning Scultura range, please click here, and for the test and award-winning Reacto range, please click here

We can't wait to see Team Bahrain Victorious line up on their Pearl Edition bikes of this year's biggest cycling spectacle and battle it out over the three-week-long event.

To check out the Reacto Pearl Edition video, please click here, and click here (or view below) for the Scultura Team Pearl edition video.