25 Oct 2023

New ONE-TWENTY tested by Bikeperfect


Just freshly launched, our new ONE-TWENTY has already enjoyed a wealth of positive feedback, including a sterling review from the team at Bikeperfect, who gave our short travel trail bike an impressive 4.5 out of 5 stars score.

Over their extensive test period at this year's MERIDA EX enduro race, the tester certainly put the ONE-TWENTY through its paces and stated: "I enjoyed my time on the One-Twenty, and it exceeded my expectations at the EX Enduro, where it lined up with much more capable bikes."

On top of that, they pointed out its balanced capabilities that show real strength on the ups, the flat sections and the descents, making the ONE-TWENTY a "great everyday bike'".

"The One-Twenty proved to be a plucky little bike to ride and had a go at riding anything put in front of it. On a couple of the really challenging descents, a bit more travel would have been nice and would have allowed for a little more speed to be carried, but considering the bike's all-around intentions and relatively affordable price tag, I would say it did extremely well." 4.5 out of 5 stars.

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