8 Dec 2023

New Team BAHRAIN VICTORIOUS 2024 season design

The 2023 season has come to an end, and Team BAHRAIN VICTORIOUS looks back on a very successful year as well as the tragic loss of their teammate Gino Mäder.

Looking ahead to 2024, we are pleased to unveil the new team design that the team will be racing with for the upcoming season.

The new design is a departure from the traditional red, orange and black we have become accustomed to over the years and is heavily influenced by the PEARL EDITION the team rode in this year's Tour de France.

The colours and design of the PEARL EDITION pay homage to the pearling industry, which has been the backbone of Bahrain's economy for centuries and helped make the country a prosperous trading hub.

As well as the primary frame colour of white/pearl, the design's gold details refer to the Kingdom of Bahrain, while the teal features represent the two seas surrounding the country's coastline.

The transition from black to navy blue along the top tube and inside the forks refers to the UCI's sustainability goals, to which Team BAHRAIN VICTORIOUS is fully committed.

It is a key objective for the team and its partners to reduce their carbon footprint, in line with UCI's mandate for teams to reduce emissions by 2030, as well as to inspire future generations and encourage wider adoption of cycling as a sustainable form of transport and exercise.

As for the build of team bikes, there are hardly any changes to a proven package: drivetrains and brakes are from Shimano, with FSA and its Vision brand supplying wheels and other parts such as seat posts, stems and handlebars. Add some Continental tyres, bottles and cages from Elite and saddles and bar tape from Prologo and you are ready to go.

We are sure this clean and classic design will stand out in the peloton throughout the season, and we wish the team all the best in achieving their goals for 2024.

Photos: Merida Europe