25 Dec 2023

road.cc reviews the SPEEDER 20-D with 4 out of 5 score, saying “it's a very good buy”

Designed to be used as a versatile city commuter and fitness bike, the SPEEDER 20-D packs in as much value as possible, with an aluminium frame with upright and friendly handling. The tester enjoyed the bike for day-to-day riding as well as weekend jaunts, complimenting its descending ability, saying “The Speeder actually descends very well… you can tackle sweeping bends confidently and feel fully in control”.

The bike’s versatility was also praised, coming equipped with guard, rack and bottle cage mounts so it can easily be converted into an all-weather load lugging machine. The bike’s wide gearing range was also praised, giving plenty of options no matter the terrain.

In summary, they concluded that the SPEEDER 20-D “does the job it's intended to do in a very workmanlike manner” and that “this bike has been impressive throughout”.

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