1 Feb 2024

Just Ride Bikes reviews the Silex 7000

SILEX 7000

David Arthur from Just Ride Bikes has been testing a few bikes of ours over the last few months, including the Scultura 7000 last autumn and our new Silex 7000 as a first ride review at the end of last year.

Both bikes left a great impression on David, calling the Scultura 7000 “probably the best value road bike you can buy right now” and the Silex 7000 “a very capable bike when you are far away from a smooth gravel track”.

Following his quick review of the Silex 7000, David spent some time on our new gravel bike and included it in his latest head-to-head test.

In his test, David pointed out the impressive off-road capability of the latest Silex, the excellent value for money and the updated geometry. Weighing up all the plus points, the Silex came out on top, adding another fantastic test result to its tally.

Check out his detailed video review below.

Learn more about the bike, including key features, R&D, design thinking, and the intended use,  here.