4 Apr 2024

One-Forty 6000 impresses in Bikeradar long-term test


With a year under its testing belt, the ONE-FORTY 6000 managed to achieve an almost perfect score in its Bikeradar/MBUK long-term review. First shown at the late summer 2022 launch of our new ONE-SIXTY and ONE-FORTY senior product tester Tom Marvin was introduced to our new suspension platform and was instantly impressed and intrigued by its geometry numbers, spec list and commented that the ONE-FORTY "represents perhaps one of the most radically shaped trail bikes on the market".

From the start, Tom was dazzled by the bike's "fantastic all-rounder" abilities, commenting that the ONE-FORTY is "suited to trundling around fireroads and flowing singletrack at your local woods through to gnarly winch and plummet enduro-style descents”. His admiration for the bike went so far that he recommended it to his best mate. According to him, "not a decision I took lightly, because if he doesn't like it, I'll get it in the neck”.

Over the 12-month test period, Tom had plenty of time to take the bike through its paces, finding out how "the suspension is absolutely solid under power" and that "there aren't many mountain bikes, especially aimed at the trail market, that are so stable under regular pedalling forces". He further pointed out how, on one side, the bike is "easy to accelerate up to speed" while also being a "complete weapon in steep tech" and "unshakeable when pointing down horribly steep terrain".

Besides stating that the carbon framed ONE-FORTY 6000 represents 'really good value of money', he finished his review by underlining the thought-through and fit-for-purpose specification, including an unexpected but hugely appreciated XT shifter and 4-piston Shimano brakes combined with large 203 mm rotors.

A fantastic review, rewarded with an almost perfect 4.5 out of 5 test score and a real testament to why the ONE-FORTY 700 and the closely related ONE-SIXTY 6000 walked away with the highly sought-after Bike of The Year accolade in 2023 (story here).

Check out the full and very detailed review, comprised of the regular long-term review updates published in MBUK, now available on Bikeradar.

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Note: The bike tested was the 2022/23 ONE-FORTY 6000.