9 Apr 2024

Bikeperfect give their first ride review of the eOne-Sixty 675


Fresh from the launch of the new eOne-Sixty range, the Bikeperfect team have taken a closer look at our mid-range aluminium model, the eOne-Sixty 675.

Putting it through its paces, the team were impressed with the "excellent suspension system and well-balanced geometry" that gives the 675 "a confident and capable ride".

Our new e-MTB lineup showcases the many features and technologies first introduced on the test and award-winning One-Sixty and One-Forty models, as well as the latest Shimano drivetrain, high-capacity 750 Wh batteries and optional 360 Wh range extender, giving a huge potential capacity of over 1,100 Wh.

Their final verdict on the eOne-Sixtu 675:
“Despite only a few hours of the eOne-Sixty 675, I was impressed with what Merida have produced. The ride feels very much one that feels calm under pressure and it was far more likely that I'd feel out of my depth way before the bike did….if you're after a confident heavyweight that with its 750 Wh battery (plus the option of the 360 Wh range extender) will take as many rounds as you can handle, then the new 675 will be a great sparring partner for you.” 

What the Bikeperfect team liked:

  • Sorted 170 mm suspension setup

  • Well balanced and confidence enhancing ride

  • Tough trail/all-mountain componentry

  • 750 Wh battery with optional 360 Wh range extender

  • Lifetime guarantee on the frame

Read the full review here.