9 Apr 2024

E-MTB says: “Merida really nailed it with the new eOne-Sixty”


“Merida really nailed it with the new eOne-Sixty”, was one of the key comments from the E-MTB team, who looked at the entire eOne-Sixty range, but focused their attention on the full carbon eOne-Sixty 10K.

As fans of the eOne-Sixty since its launch almost a decade ago, the E-MTB team have had the chance to look at just about every version of our e-enduro bikes over the years and have given our latest version a big thumbs up.

After taking a closer look at the updated geometry, the team commented that “the eOne-Sixty implements steering input willingly, inspiring huge amounts of confidence in the process” and that “when gravity takes over and the fun part starts, the eOne-Sixty impresses with intuitive, good-natured handling, which makes it suitable for both newbies and seasoned trail bums”.

It’s fantastic feedback on our new geometry, which is closely related to the test and award-winning figures of the one-Sixty and One-Forty while still balancing the higher weight and 'built-in stability' of an e-bike.

Looking at the drive unit and new battery setup, the testers pointed out that “when challenging your riding buddies to the trailhead, the Shimano EP801 packs a punch, providing plenty of assistance uphill. Overall, the Merida is an excellent climber, which is mainly due to the even weight distribution and excellent traction”.

One of the key points that came up time and again in the review was the confidence the bike inspires on “steep trail sections, where it integrates you between its wheels and provides plenty of freedom of movement with its short seat tube and long travel dropper post”, the nimble character of the eOne-Sixty and its ability to be the perfect companion “if you like to get rowdy and spend more time with the tyres in the air than on the ground. It’s also a great match for beginners who want to treat themselves to a top-tier eMTB right away”.

Their final verdict:
“Stylish design, high quality spec and top trail performance! Merida really nailed it with the new eOne-Sixty. The intuitive, good-natured handling make it suitable for all kinds of riders, from beginners to seasoned trail veterans. The Merida handles almost anything you throw at it and doesn’t reach its limits too easily. The clever touring and everyday features make it suitable for all kinds of applications, while the new sizing concept allows you to choose your bike according to your desired handling characteristics. The new eOne-Sixty successfully follows in the footsteps of its predecessor and still proves an excellent all-rounder.”