13 Dec 2018

Long-term review of the eONE-SIXTY 800 now on Wideopen


The team at Wideopen have had the chance to try and test our eONE-SIXTY 800 for almost a year, and it has been quite a struggle to prise the bike out their hands again.

Already twice awarded by E-MTB click here and here for the details), we were confident, that our mid-range eONE-SIXTY would also impress the critical eyes of the Wideopen team.

For the Wideopen crew, our Shimano STEPS powered enduro ebike has been a regular companion on endless press trips, on big test rides in the rough hills of North Wales (UK) and the go-to bike for fun sessions on their home trails.

Throughout the extensive test period, the bike performed flawlessly and impressed the test team with the well-sorted suspension, a solid spec package, a reliable and powerful motor and just the endless amount of fun it delivered, ride, after ride, after ride.

‘…the Germans have put together a great package for a great price. The suspension design and RockShox suspension work brilliantly together and, combined with Shimano’s Steps, it’s a bike you’ll want to ride a hell of a lot.’…’We’d ridden three bikes from Merida this year and every one has been fun, fast and reliable.’

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