21 Jun 2024

One-Twenty 600 impressed the Bikeperfect team

Having attended the launch of the ONE-TWENTY at last year's MERIDA EX enduro race in the South West of England, where they had a fantastic time on the top-of-the-range ONE-TWENTY 700 (story here), describing it as a "great everyday bike" (4.5 out of 5 stars), it was now time for the slightly further down the range 600 to be put to the test.

Based on the same frame and suspension configuration, a few tweaks have been made to the spec sheet to offer even more amazing value for money.

As well as testing a different model in the ONE-TWENTY range, they also opted for a different (in this case longer) frame size to put our Agilometer sizing system to the test. What struck the test team immediately was the increased stability and the “planted and composed feel which encourages high speeds”. They continued: “Strava times don’t lie, and I was surprised how close I was to my local PBs set on longer travel trail bikes with far more aggressive tires. On the right track and in the right conditions, the One-Twenty 600 really does shine and belies its budget price tag”.

As well as its love of speed and its plated nature, they were also impressed by its comfortable climbing position and suspension configuration, which contributed to a "very calm climbing experience".

Although the ONE-TWENTY 600 is more budget-focused than its bigger brother, the ONE-TWENTY 700, the specification, including the Marzocchi Z2, powerful Deore brakes and other elements, left an overall positive impression and contributed to the ONE-TWENTY 600's high test score.

Their verdict:
“Overall though, the One-Twenty 600 does a great job of balancing climbing and descending duties to suit its all-rounder intentions; you just need to choose your frame size carefully…the One-Twenty 600 is a great example of a well put together bike that just works and puts a smile on your face. In the words of mountain bike legend Keith Bontrager – "Light, strong, cheap… pick two". Merida has clearly picked 'strong and cheap (relatively)' for the One-Twenty 600, and I’ve really enjoyed my time onboard.” 

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