26 Apr 2019


It is not that long ago that the IMB crew reviewed our top of the line eONE-SIXTY 900E (details here). The test crew got on really well with our award and test winning e-enduro, and called it ‘…an e-bike that makes the transition for riders super easy. It feels and rides just like a normal bike. No wacky e-bike specific geometry, just a great enduro bike with power.

However, one of the shortcomings technical editor Ewen pointed out, was the lack of the XL size. Fast forward to the 2019 eONE-SIXTY line-up, and the XL is available.

That edition gave Ewen enough reason, to bring the bike back in and to check out the current eONE-SIXTY M#RIDA model. His findings were very similar, if not better than the original review as he now finally got the right size for his height and preferences. He concluded his test: ‘Merida has still got a winner in their eONE-SIXTY, which provides an engaging and playful ride with great power delivery from Shimano. The addition of an XL is good to see and completes the size range of one of the best emtbs currently on the market.’

Check out the full review (page 58 in the current issue of IMB - click here for the full magazine) or jump directly onto the review on their website (please click here). And to top it all off, Ewen has also put together a review video, which you can view here).

For all the details, including full specification, features and geometry, please click the link below. For an overview of our current eONE-SIXTY range, please click here.