11 Jul 2018

Great review for the SILEX 700 in Cycling Plus

Our all road bike, the SILEX, secures another fantastic review by scoring a ‘4 ½ out of 5’ stars in the August issue of UK cycling magazine Cycling Plus.

Once again, the testers admire our bold approach on the subject, and point out the fantastic riding characteristics on the road and off.

‘The bike’s willingness to accelerate helps enormously over changeable surfaces, where pace naturally fluctuates and makes avoiding obstructions less tiring.‘


‘Merida’s unconventional position works, and gives a relaxed feel, even when bombing along dirt tracks, and the component spec is the best here.’ 

The SILEX forges a bold path with its looks and position, but is great value and rides well. 4 ½ out of 5 stars.