4 May 2018

SILEX 9000 video now on GUYKESTV

After checking out our award-winning eONE-SIXTY 900-E last year (see story here) and our all-new ONE-FORTY 700 (story here), UK and international bike testing powerhouse Guy Kesteven now had a closer look at something a bit different - our new SILEX, to be more precise, at our SILEX 9000. Rather than writing a lengthy article about it (which is what he normally does when testing for MBUK, CyclingPlus, Bikeradar and many more) he puts his thoughts into a very detailed video – and to make it even more amusing, he gives his onboard commentary while flying down some of the many gravel roads and tracks his testing ground has to offer.

GUY’S FINAL WORDS: ‘What a superb bike, an absolute belter. MERIDA SILEX 9000 what a fantastic machine. Gravel is so many things to so many different people but this bike tackles them all in such a controlled and refined fashion…no wonder it’s been getting such good reviews all over the place. I’ll definitely throw my hat into that ring. Definitely one of the best in its category.’