24 Apr 2018

REACTO 5000 tested by Bikeradar

‘Is this the best REACTO yet?’ – that was the overshadowing question that Bikeradar /Cycling Plus test crew asked themselves when they tested the REACTO 5000.

Going by the 4.5 out of 5 stars rating and the fantastic verdict of ‘The REACTO 5000 proves that aero doesn’t have to mean bone-shaking, and seriously expands its real-world usability because of it’ we think it has probably answered that question with ease.


‘The Merida’s solidity and fine handling help it carry good corner speed and enables instinctive line changes, feeling refined and comfortable, no matter what the road surface.’


‘The further I rode on the REACTO 5000, the more impressed I became. Its plush ride quality is at odds with the frame’s angular, oversized appearance, and its all-round stability and intuitive handling really enhanced the experience.’

You can read the full review here