28 Aug 2019

The new eOne-Sixty 10K in MBR

The MBR team joined us at the launch of the new eOne-Sixty on the sunny, dusty and rocky trails around Girona earlier this year. They published their review in their August 2019. 

Aleady fans of the original eOne-Sixty, the team loved the new ‘mismatched' wheels, the front carbon frame, internal battery technology, the perfect weight distribution,  added frame sizes, updated geometry and high end componentry.

Out on the trail ‘…it was quickly obvious that the superb ride quality and top-notch suspension performance of the previous version are still firmly front and centre. It bowls over any obstacle that gets in its way, but remains effortlessly flickable and a breeze to pop into the air at the slightest hint of a lip or drop’.'

Their verdict: ‘It is still an e-bike, but it almost makes you forget you are on one until you reach the next rise and the motor kicks in.'

Read the full review by clicking the green PDF download button below.

To get all the details on the new eOne-Sixty, please click here.