Comfort, Style and Versatility

Offering a modern frame design with a more comfort-orientated geometry, plenty of tyre clearance and seamless integration, the Scultura Endurance fits seamlessly into the Merida road bike line-up. Wide tyres provide plenty of comfort, even on the most pothole littered country lanes, while a longer head tube offers a more relaxed riding position. The Scultura Endurance is the perfect choice for more leisure-focused cyclists who want to enjoy long hours in the saddle while being comfortable and relaxed on the bike!


The new Scultura Endurance is aimed at endurance, leisure and adventure seeking cyclists. It is the perfect machine for riders who want to ride, whatever the weather and throughout the seasons, but not letting the tarmac edge limit them. This is a high quality, sporty training machine, a fast, reliable commuter, a versatile adventure bike and, above all, a comfort-orientated road endurance bike. The choice is yours!


Wire Port

All cable and hose routing enters the frame through the headset cover, making for a much neater cockpit and avoiding any risk of frame rub from the cables.

Disc Cooling Fins

The 2nd generation disc cooling fins are integrated into the frame and fork for a slicker appearance while reducing the risk of the disc brakes overheating on long and demanding descents. The forged aluminium under the disc brake calipers draw heat away through CNC-milled cooling fins, reducing heat build up by 35% for a stable braking performance.

Direct Mount

The direct mount gear hanger reduces moving parts at the derailleur end and improves shifting accuracy as well as aids fast wheel changes.

Tyre Clearance

The Scultura Endurance offers a max tyre clearance of 35mm wide slick tyres, which give the oportunity of running lower pressures than a 25 or 28 mm tyre, making the ride more comfortable than a conventional road racing bike.

Seat Post Clamp

Taking design inspiration from our aerodynamic focused road bikes like the Reacto, the Scultura Endurance features a new hidden seat post clamp that helps to keep the smooth lines uninterrupted and reduces turbulence.

Head Tube

The Scultura Endurance comes with a longer head tube compared to the SCULTURA or MISSION CX, making the seating position more upright and therefore more comfort-orientated, without losing the all-important steering accuracy.


All our Scultura Endurance models have mudguard mounts, making them more versatile, particularly when used as a training or commuting bike. The removable seat stay bridge stays in place to securely hold the rear mudguard or it can be removed for a cleaner look and improved tyre clearance.

Bolt Through Axle

The new Scultura Endurance features 12mm bolt through axles for greater wheel stiffness and a precise disc alignment when replacing wheels. The leaver (when inserted into the axle) allows easy loosening and tightening of the axle with its 6 mm Allen key lever. When removed, it works as a 4 mm Alley key, perfect for tightening the seat clamp or the stem bolts.

Leaf Spring

Areas in the chain and seat stays have a specific profile that works like a leaf spring and enhances the natural compliance of the frame material. It helps to add further comfort to the rear end of the bike as well as reduce vibrations.


The Scultura Endurance is clearly a comfort-orientated road bike, suitable for long-distance rides, handling tarmac equally well as rough pavement or even light fire roads. It combines innovative integration systems, both for brake and shifting cables as well as the seat post clamp, which are heavily influenced by our more aerodynamically optimised machines, with spring comfort elements which you would expect from an endurance road bike.

For the Scultura Endurance, we have created a specific geometry, which suits the needs of a long-distance, comfort-orientated ride perfectly. It comes with a longer head tube compared to the Scultura or Reacto, making the seating position more upright and therefore more comfort-orientated. Due to the fact that up to 35 mm wide slick tyres can be fitted (stock tyres are 32 mm), which can be run with less pressure than a 25 or 28 mm tyre, the ride becomes more comfortable than a conventional road racing bike. On top of that, the Scultura Endurance also has a slacker head tube angle and a slightly longer wheelbase which makes the bike in combination with the wider tyres more stable and safer at speed.